Hannah Rarity – Strong Women Rule Us All With Their Tears

This great song, from the unique voice of beautiful Scottish singer Hannah Rarity, is my tribute to all the great women I had the privilege of meeting in my life. You know who you are. This is for you all!

* * *

Written by Brian McNeill, the song details Brian’s admiration for the life and courage of the famous Scottish historical figure Flora MacDonald, who saved Bonnie Prince Charlie after the civil war of 1745. She was imprisoned for helping him, but then moved to America to live the rest of her life. She later returned to the Isle of Skye, where she passed away. A very strong woman, indeed. Here’s to all women & all they have achieved, all they do and all they will continue to share with the world.

(Please find below the lyrics of this marvelous song.)

* * *

Strong Women Rule Us All With Their Tears

There’s a moment of your story
That has always haunted me
When you set out in yon open boat
To help the poor man flee
Was Charlie Stuart’s future
Already plain to see
Did you know he’d be a waster on his days
If you did, I’d give the world to find
A single tear you cried
From the Cuillins tae the Carolinas
You showed us one and all
The courage you could call
From the tears that would not fall
From your eyes

And after thirty years
After all that you’d been through
Us been marriede haven’ been a
Just a memory to rue
As you watched your husband putting on
His coat of scarlet hue
To go and fight for German Geordie’s crown
But you never tried to hide behind
The dreams of days gone by
From the Cuillins tae the Carolinas
You showed us one and all
The courage you could call
From the tears that would not fall
From your eyes

And there’s times I think I see you
When I find that kind of face
When a woman’s independence
Has kept a woman’s grace
Where confidence and pride
Refuse to know their place
Or hide behind the easy tricks of beauty
For to me your lights are like the chimes
Across the stormy skies
From the Cuillins tae the Carolinas
You showed us one and all
The courage you could call
From the tears that would not fall
From your eyes

From the Cuillins tae the Carolinas
Strong women rule us all
With the courage that they call
When the tears refuse to fall
From their eyes.

(Music and lyrics by Brian McNeill. Inspired by the story of Flora MacDonald, 1722-1790, a figure of Scottish history and of the American Revolution. Source, here.)





Vineri 27 octombrie, Iasi – Spații culturale și artistice – expresii ale Reformei


Avem deosebita plăcere de a vă invita la evenimentul

Spații culturale și artistice – expresii ale Reformei, 

care, într-o atmosferă de sărbătoare, va încheia lucrările simpozionului Reforma Protestantă între Apus și Răsărit – 500 de ani de istorie. 
Întâlnirea va avea loc,
vineri 27 octombrie 2017, ora 18.00, în Sala Dublei Alegeri a Muzeului Unirii din Iasi,
și are ca invitați speciali următorii artiști și personalități din lumea academică:
Mirela Diaconu, soprană
Vlad Morar, bariton
Sebastian Vârtosu, violoncel
Vasilica Stoiciu-Frunză, pian
Grup vocal, dirijor Livia Boicu
Liviu Mocan, sculptor
Adrian Morar, dirijor
Alexandru-Florin Platon, istoric
Emil Bartoș, teolog
Liviu Damian, istoric
De asemenea, evenimentul vă oferă posibilitatea de a admira colecția de lucrări cu tema Cartea care te citește, ale sculptorului ieșean Liviu Mocan, găzduită cu acest prilej la Muzeul Unirii.
Vă așteptăm cu drag!


Taxi – Avem alergie

Iata, au inceput sa apara si cintecele legate de protestele actuale. E semn bun.

Leonard Cohen – Democracy Is Coming to The USA

I dedicated this initially to the Independence Day of the USA. You may also read HERE a text written by Parker J Palmer for the same celebration day.

However, after the US strangely elected Trump as president, I find the lyrics of this song most fitting for the present situation.

So, is democracy really coming to the USA? We shall see.

Here are the lyrics.

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RIP – Leonard Cohen – You Want It Darker

The great poet and singer Leonard Cohen turned 82 yesterday. Here is one of his most troubling songs, unfortunately, just in audio. Thanks to LigiaC for the link.

NOTE: Cohen died on 7 November 2016 at the age of 82 at his home in Los Angeles.

And here are the lyrics: Continue reading “RIP – Leonard Cohen – You Want It Darker”

Sunt doar un calator prin lume – In memoriam – Cornelia Serediuc

Acest superb negro spiritual a fost cintat de Corul Strajerul la inmormintarea mamei mele, in decembrie 2011. Il public acum aici, in memoria matusei mele, Cornelia Serediuc, pe care am condus-o astazi pe ultimul ei drum de aceasta parte a eternitatii. Odihneasca-se in pace!

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Doru Radu – Quo Vadis Gypsy Choir din Boldesti Scaeni, Prahova, in turneu in USA

Corul Quo Vadis
Corul Quo Vadis

Corul Qvo Vadis Gypsy Choir din Boldesti Scaeni Prahova e in turneu in  USA sponsorizat de fundatia crestina “The brother’s keeper” (28 Iulie- 15 August).  I-am urmarit la biserica crestina dupa Evanghelie, Mount Joy, PA. A fost impresionant; o expresie a lucrarii deosebite facute de aceasta fundatie, de dirijorul corului – prof. Eduard Teodorescu, de pastorul bisericii crestine dupa Evanghelie a rromilor din Scaeni, fr. Oprisan. Au cintat cintece clasice, in italiana, germana, gospel in engleza si una in limba rroma. Elevi de liceu si studenti la medicina, drept, inginerie, robotica, asistenti medicali, etc, tinerii tigani au lasat o impresie deosebita prin dragostea pt Dumnezeu, rezultatele scolare si performanta muzicala.  Corul cinta de 3 ani impreuna si nu este profesionist si cinta doar muzica crestina, dar se vede ca au o educatie muzicala si o tinuta ce impune respect.

M-a impresionat dorinta celor mai multi dintre ei de a schimba imaginea rromilor in Romania si Europa.  Iubitori de Dumnezeu dar si de muzica, volei si fotbal, acesti tineri doresc sa aduca o schimbare in comunitatile de rromi si de romani.  Ce mult poate face dragostea unui dirijor si a unui pastor! Ce mult am gresit noi fata de semenii nostri “samariteni”, fara sa ne pese de sensibilitatea lor! Continue reading “Doru Radu – Quo Vadis Gypsy Choir din Boldesti Scaeni, Prahova, in turneu in USA”