Our Responsibility for the Church in the Middle East

What do we owe to the Church in the Middle East in general and Palestine in particular and why our indifference can condone even more injustice in the (not so) holy land and can make the Church disappear from the land where she was born twenty centuries ago.

Authority and the Church

Florin Paladie comes with a new theological elaboration, this time discussing how church and scripture relate to the concept of authority.
Here is the comment I have left on his blog on this post:
‘Dear Florin,
Like you, and by virtue of the same kind of experience, only a little bit longer than yours, and a little bit more ‘bumpy’, I am instinctively worry of authority> Yet, again similarly, I am engaged in the adventure of progressively redeeming the value of this concept.
In what Scripture and the Church are concerned, as related to the concept of authority, I would add to this couple of items the concept of Tradition. The Triad thus formed allows for a more dynamic rendering of the relations of authority between its components.
I have been inspired by the Romanian Orthodox Dumitru Staniloae in imagining the relation between these three components in perichoretic terms, in which none has hierarchical authority over the others, even if we may, chronologically speaking, delineate a trajectory that could look like this:
1. God reveals himself/herself to the humanity created on their image;
2. some humans respond in faith (giving birth to a Church of sorts), while others reject divine revelation (giving birth to a sort of counter-faith community, constantly at odds with the first one);
3. those who receive revelation become of ‘community of faith’, of sorts;
4. the ‘memory’ of God’s revealed words and acts is kept and transmitted to the next generations, first orally (becoming Tradition), and then in some written form (becoming Scripture);
5. since facts, and texts, do not carry meaning, their interpretation needs to be done in community; and to be accepted as authentic, these interpretations need to be validated by the community of faith (the Church), thus closing the hermeneutic circle, or, even better, initiating another cycle in the hermeneutic spiral.’

Theology Gym

Authority, like many good things, can be perverted making it hard to use it in a positive, life giving way. Depending on what your life story is the very sound of this word can conjure negative connotations. Growing up in a communist country, I’ve been conditioned to associate authority first and foremost with oppression. As a result, I have a knee-jerk reaction of skepticism toward authority. Yet, over the years I found myself gravitating toward a regenerative stream of humanity that seeks to redeem things, to bring about the good in everything. Authority is on that list. It must be reclaimed.

If theology is an attempt to articulate truth, the question of authority seems to be an essential one because as soon as you start the quest for truth, you have to choose some kind of criteria to get to it. How do I find the truth? Who can help…

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Confirmare cu peripetii

Biserica Anglicana - exterior

În această dimineaţă, aproape de ora 9 a.m. am sosit împreună cu soţia mea la Biserica Anglicană din Bucureşti, aşa cum mă înţelesesem la telefon cu episcopul. Continue reading “Confirmare cu peripetii”

Anglican Confirmation Liturgy – 3

The Liturgy of the Sacrament

The Order for Celebration of Holy Communion continues with




This Short Proper Preface may be used

And now we give you thanks
because by water and the Holy Spirit
you have made us a holy people in Jesus Christ our Lord;
you raise us to new life in him
and renew in us the image of your glory.

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Anglican Confirmation Liturgy – 2

The Liturgy of Initiation


The candidates may be presented to the congregation. Where appropriate, they may be presented by their godparents or sponsors.

The bishop asks the candidates

Have you been baptized in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit?
I have.

Are you ready with your own mouth and from your own heart to affirm your faith in Jesus Christ?
I am.

Testimony by the candidates may follow.

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Duminica 21 iunie – Confirmarea mea in Biserica Anglicana

Anglican Church Bucharest1

Biserica Anglicană a Învierii Bucureşti

Se poate ca unii dintre cititorii acestui blog să se fi întrebat care este scopul seriei de mesaje din ultima vreme legate de despre ritul anglican al confirmării.

Cei care au urmărit evoluţia mea teologică de-a lungul anilor, pe care am descris-o din când în când şi pe acest blog (vezi de exemplu AICI) ştiu deja că în ultimii ani am migrat sub raport teologic dinspre baptism către anglicanism.

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Noile miscari misionare in Europa de astazi

logo KEK

Prietenul meu, Rev. Darrell Jackson, cu care m-am întâlnit în aprilie la International Baptist Theological Seminary din Praga, la o întrunire teologică pe tema misiunii în context ortodox, mi-a povestit atunci despre o întâlnire care avea sa aibă loc în luna iunie, pe tema “Noilor Miscari Misionare în Europa de Astazi”, în organizarea Conferinţei Europene a Bisericilor, şi m-a rugat să mijlocesc prezenţa la această întrunire a colegului meu, Pr. Costin Năclad, coordonatorul programului catehetic Hristos Împărtăşit Copiilor, al Bisericii Ortodoxe Române.

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