Leonard Cohen – Democracy Is Coming to The USA

I dedicated this initially to the Independence Day of the USA. You may also read HERE a text written by Parker J Palmer for the same celebration day.

However, after the US strangely elected Trump as president, I find the lyrics of this song most fitting for the present situation.

So, is democracy really coming to the USA? We shall see.

Here are the lyrics.

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RIP – Leonard Cohen – You Want It Darker

The great poet and singer Leonard Cohen turned 82 yesterday. Here is one of his most troubling songs, unfortunately, just in audio. Thanks to LigiaC for the link.

NOTE: Cohen died on 7 November 2016 at the age of 82 at his home in Los Angeles.

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Come Healing – A Leonard Cohen Song for Paris

Leonard Cohen – In My Secret Life

A bitter-sweet confession song, by Leonard Cohen, for a hot summer Sunday evening.

Here are the lyrics:

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Leonard Cohen – I Can’t Forget

O great song for a hot summer afternoon, from Cohen”s latest album, Can’t Forget.

Here the lyrics:

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Leonard Cohen – Almost Like the Blues

Leonard Cohen sublime.

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Leonard Cohen – Born in Chains

This is from Leonard Cohen’s latest album, Popular Problems.
You may read HERE an interesting tribute to Cohen, with an emphasis on his latest album.

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