Daniel Manastireanu – Conversations with My Father: On the Road Ahead

Persona – 2.000.000 de accesari

Iata ca luna trecuta, pe nesimtite, blogul Persona a trecut de 2.000.000 de accesari. Dat fiind ca folosesc destul de putin blogul ca mijloc de comunicare in ultima vreme, nici n-am observat trecerea acestui prag. Il marchez, deci, acum, ca un simplu fapt statistic.
Daca ceea am scris aici a folosit cuiva, nu stiu. Mie unuia mi-a folosit, chiar si atunci cind ceea ce am scris a fost gresit. Vorba Pr Rohr, putina umilinta nu strica nimanui, macar din cind in cind (el se roaga pentru una buna in fiecare zi, dar eu nu am nici credinta, nici smerenia lui; nu cred ca as rezista).

Voi continua sa scriu aici, cel putin din cind, din respect pentru comunitatea care s-a adunat in jurul blogului (a celor 688 de ‘followers’, carora le multumesc pentru incredere si interes; cum cei mai multi sunt romani, scriu asta in limba romana – ceilalti vor sti sa foloseasca Google translate pentru a pricepe ce am spus aici).

Va doresc tuturor numai bine.

Brexit: Facts vs Fear, with Stephen Fry

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Tristan Harris – How A Handful of Tech Companies Control Billions of Minds Every Day

Tristan Harris co-founded the movement for Time Well Spent to spark an important conversation to about the kind of future we want from the technology industry. Instead of a “time spent” economy where apps and websites compete for how much time they take from us, it aims to create an ecosystem competing to help us live by our values and spend time well.

Harris was a design ethicist and product philosopher at Google until 2016, where he studied how technology influences a billion users’ attention, well-being and behavior. He led design sprints with product teams, including a meeting between Google’s lead product designers and Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, international spokesperson for Mindfulness.

Previously, Harris was CEO and co-founder of Apture, which Google bought in 2011. Apture enabled millions of users to get instant, on-the-fly explanations without leaving their place, across a publisher network of a billion page views per month.

Harris holds several patents from his previous career at Apple, Wikia, Apture and Google. He graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Computer Science, focused on Human Computer Interaction, while dabbling in behavioral economics, social psychology, behavior change and habit formation in Professor BJ Fogg’s Stanford Persuasive Technology lab.

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NOTE: If this caught your attention, please also read Roger McNamee’s article How to Fix Facebook—Before It Fixes Us. It is a long article, but it is really worth doing it.

Tommy Preson Phillips – My 4 Rules For Responding To Nasty Emails

Scot McKnight published on his blog on Patheos these useful suggestions, coming from one of his students. Here are the 4 Rules:

  1. Wait 48 hours before responding
  2. Do not defend yourself
  3. No negativity!
  4. Look for substance

Read HERE the arguments.






Map of Western Media

map of western media

Take your pick.

(Source, HERE.)

Warning: This Post Could Be Hazardous to Your Paralysis | UnTangled

Source: Warning: This Post Could Be Hazardous to Your Paralysis | UnTangled

Kelly Flanagan on digital detox. NOT A SAFE POST! 🙂