Archbishop Justin Welby’s Sermon at the Child Bereavement UK Carol Service

Justin Welby

Today was the burial service for my friend Cristi Tepes. May God rest him in peace with the saints.

I though this sermon by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, is really fitting for this occasion. Here is how he introduces it on Facebook.

When someone we love dies we never “get over it”. Instead we learn – ever so slowly – to live with the gap that’s left, and we gradually start to rebuild.

After our first daughter died following a car crash, 32 years ago, when she was less than one year old, we would go to our church in London. There people loved us and looked after us. They helped us to start rebuilding. So it was very special to preach at that church last week at a carol service in support of Child Bereavement UK.

In my sermon I talked about how my wife Caroline and I eventually came back to that great puzzle: the God that so loved the world that he sent his only son to live a risky life among us, and die so unfairly and before time. And how he did this so that all who believe in him should not have that sense of endless death and destruction – but have the hope of life and the knowledge of a future, and the life that’s somehow rebuilt around us by the grace and love of God.

Now every year we spend the anniversary of Johanna’s death together as a family. We have some fun, do something silly. There’s always that bitter reality, and yet there’s now that hope.

So my prayer for those who are in those darkest of dark moments, which I remember so well, is for that hope that heals and strengthens and draws us forward, because that child who was born and risked and died and rose again, and offers life to us and to all we love. Continue reading “Archbishop Justin Welby’s Sermon at the Child Bereavement UK Carol Service”

Ligia Macelaru – When Cristi Said Goodbye – A Tribute to Cristi Tepes

When Cristi said goodbye
There were no words, no hugs, no glimpse of a warning…
The eternal reality embraced the mortal happiness
And took away what we knew of him:
A caring heart, a friend, a brother
a husband, a son, a father,
a colleague, a mentor, a persuader,
a man of long endurance and strength…

When Cristi said goodbye
There were no moments of joy,
no time for tears or sorrows…
The urgency of calmness quieting down unfinished dreams,
has swallowed up
what we believed was granted for tomorrow:
a new poem, a heartfelt song, another book,
a mystery yet to be unveiled, a new page of history
projects in progress,
a silent voice echoing our becoming…

When Cristi said goodbye
There were no written instructions on how to move on…
The narration of the future bereaved of his existence,
Unsolaced, weeps the shaking appearance of the present:
how far can we dream?
how high can we aim?
how deep can we plan?
what is important and what is not…

When Cristi said goodbye
There were no forces to keep him from running
Into the loving arms of the Father.
Forgetfully, he entered the abundant joy of eternity
overwhelmed by the splendor of the Lamb
and sealed with the loving grace of redemption:
no memories, no plans, no regrets, no turning back…

Today is just another memory of our joyful togetherness:
A celebration of the past – a life lived to the fullness,
A faithful escalation towards the future
– a life to be continued
towards the eternal togetherness,
where no goodbyes will ever be!

When Cristi said goodbye,
the longing for the yet to come,
became so eager, so treasured
that it overcame the present,
increasing faith, hope and love…

Now, here we are,
pursuing the WAY of the Kingdom,
the TRUTH to be proclaimed
and the LIFE to be glorified abundantly!

Prietenul Cristi Tepes a plecat fulgerator la Domnul – UPDATE

Cristi Tepes

Dragi prieteni,

In aceasta dupa-amiaza, prietenul si fratele nostru Cristi Tepes, care se indrepta singur cu masina spre Iasi, la o reuniune de familie largita, unde se aflau deja membrii familiei sale, a avut un accident la volan (posibil datorat unui stop cardiac) si si-a pierdut viata.

Dumnezeu sa-l odihneasca in pace!

Rugati-va pentru mingierea familiei, care se afla inca sub impresia puternica a acestei vesti naucitoare.

NOTA: Tocmai am aflat, prin intermediar, de la Ligia, sora lui Cristi, ca in aceasta noapte trupul neinsufletit al lui Cristi va fi depus in sala de cult a Bisericii baptiste din str Sarariei 32. Luni 14 decembrie si marti 15 decembrie va fi priveghi la aceeasi biserica, la ora 18. Slujba de inmormintare va incepe la aceeasi adresa, miercuri 16 decembrie, la ora 12, continuind apoi la cimitir.

1977 – Petitionarii

1977 - petitionarii

Odata cu revenirea in tara a pastorului Iosif Ton, anii 70 au fost plini de actiuni care incercau sa largeasca libertatile foarte limitate acordate credinciosilor de catre regimul comunist. Intre acestea, la loc de cinste, era conceperea unor memorii, adresate fie conducerii cultului, fie direct autoritatilor comuniste, si adunarea de semnaturi in sustinerea lor.

In fotografia istorica de mai sus Genovieva Sfatcu arata unul dintre aceste memorii, conceput si semnat in anul 1977. In poza mai apar, de la stinga la dreapta, Silvia Tarniceru, Mirel Tepes, Ica Caciora, Tudorel Sfatcu, Lia Tositiu, Marcela Manastireanu, subsemnatul, si Cristi Tepes. Continue reading “1977 – Petitionarii”

17 august 1987 – Delatiunile informatorului Postolache – 27

Inf. Postolache
Primit: Lt. col. Vasiliu Gh.

Notă informativă

Vineri 14 aug. a.c. în faţa unui foarte redus număr de pocăiţi, XXXXX a condus ora de rugăciune iar bătrânul XXXXX a făcut o expunere savantă despre PĂCAT.
Duminică 16 aug. a.c. dimineaţă după o oră de rugăciune trasă de păr de către XXXXX ginerele lui XXXXX, XXXXX a ţinut lecţiunea biblică.
XXXXX, după ce a anunţat că la CONGRESUL de la BUCUREŞTI la care a luat parte, s-a anunţat că se vor da examene pentru o nouă serie de viitori pastori – tinerii care doresc să candideze să se pregătească foarte serios – a vorbit apoi despre LUMINĂ.
Continue reading “17 august 1987 – Delatiunile informatorului Postolache – 27”