Random Thoughts on My Canadian Friend Don Posterski – May God Rest Him in Peace!

Don Posterski

UPDATE: On Wednesday, June 13th, at 2pm, Toronto time, my dear friend Don Posterski went to be in glory with Christ and the saints. May he rest in peace!

I met Don for the first time in early 2000, just a few months after I joined World Vision, to work in the Middle East and Eastern Europe Region (MEER), as Director for Faith & Development (F&D – the sector of which Don was in charge in WVI, earlier called Christian Impact – CI, and then Christian Commitments – CC)). Soon after that, he invited me to join him in the WVI Commission on the Church, which, due to Don’s wisdom and his ability to lead a team of very diverse and hard headed members, was the most significant initiative in which I was involved in my 20 years in WV. I wish I had a picture from any of those significant meetings, but I do not. Therefore, I will try to compensate (over)illustrating other events.

Later that year, in October, I invited Don to join my team in Sinaia, Romania, for the first regional event of our sector, called the Christian Life Conference. There, the main speaker was Jim Houston, who taught on Christian Discipleship, while Don taught on building church partnerships, Tim Dearborn taught on witness to Jesus Christ and I taught on spiritual formation. It was a great event, which participants remember fondly, almost 18 years later. Again, Don gave the measure of his unique leadership style, by keeping himself in the background and encouraging others to serve with their gifts. (Again, sadly, I lost all pictures from that event.) Continue reading “Random Thoughts on My Canadian Friend Don Posterski – May God Rest Him in Peace!”

Voicu Bojan – Un corporatist bucurestean printre refugiatii din Lesbos

Gabi Macovei – soț și tată, biciclist solitar,
poet pentru prieteni și specialist în comunicare
din București. Crede în supraviețuirea rasei
umane prin rock’n’roll și mașini electrice.

Dialogul de mai jos a fost publicat de amicul Voicu Bojan pe platforma pressone.ro. Este un text care trebuie citit neaparat.

* * *

Gabriel Macovei își pusese de o vreme în cap să petreacă o săptămână ca voluntar într-o tabără de refugiați. Voia să verifice dacă el – familist dedicat, city boy sofisticat și ușor hipsterish – e în continuare viu, capabil să-și ajute semenii, și dacă e sensibil la drama unor necunoscuți aflați între spaima de moarte și limanul speranței.
Așa a ajuns în tabăra Moria din Lesbos, ca voluntar pentru EuroRelief, unul dintre zecile de ONG-uri care activează în această insulă elenă aflată foarte aproape de coastele Turciei.
Experiența l-a schimbat. Cum și de ce? Peste ce poți da într-o tabără de refugiați? Nu cumva, în final, dai chiar de tine însuți, dar altfel decât te știai înainte?
Iată dialogul nostru. Continue reading “Voicu Bojan – Un corporatist bucurestean printre refugiatii din Lesbos”

World Vision – A Prayer for Refugees

World Vision has just made public this little clip containing a prayer for the Middle East uttered by my friend and former colleague Dr . Chawkat Moucarry, a Syrian Christian born in Aleppo.

Lord, hear our prayers!

Refugee Highway Partnership Meeting Invitation to Romania


I have just received this invitation through email. I post it heree, in case any of my friends are interested to apply.

* * *

Only four weeks remain until the 2017 RHP Europe Roundtable officially convenes in Budapest 6-10 February. Currently, there are 95 people registered coming from 19 different countries. We are praying for 50 more to sign up in order to adequately represent the work and challenges for those engaged in refugee ministries across Europe.

As we don’t have anyone from Romania signed up yet, could you help me to extend another warm invitation to come!

It is not too late to register, but do not delay as we would like to accommodate your hotel room requests and prepare adequate resource packets for all participants.

To register, please click HERE.

If you have questions regarding registration, please contact Hanna Krueger at roundtable@rhpeurope.net

We hope to see you in Budapest.

Matthew S. Paschall
UWM Europe Regional Team
Leadership Development – Strategic Partnerships – Diaspora Ministries

Budapest, HUNGARY
+36 30 365 5564
WhatsApp -Viber – Voxer
Skype ID: mnpaschall

Here is the poster announcing the meeting



What’s really behind Israel’s attack on Christian charity World Vision? | The Electronic Intifada

Aid group says funds sent to Gaza amount to far less than Israel claims was diverted.

Source: What’s really behind Israel’s attack on Christian charity World Vision? | The Electronic Intifada

In care you REALLY want to know.

Synod of the Church of England – Archbishop Opens Debate on EU Referendum


Friday 8th July 2016

This is ‘not a time to fear’ but a time to trust God, the Archbishop said in the opening speech of Synod’s debate on the EU referendum today.

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York added the item as urgent business to the Synod agenda, with the members’ consent.

Read the full text of the speech: 

The length of the EU referendum campaign, the high turnout and the clarity of the result means, it seems to me, that whatever our view of what we would have preferred, we must now deal with the world as it is, and seek not merely survival after Brexit – if we were one of the 48 – but the common good, the flourishing of all our citizens and the seizing of the opportunities offered to our nation; above all to witness to the Kingdom of God. Continue reading “Synod of the Church of England – Archbishop Opens Debate on EU Referendum”

BiblioTech – prima „biblioteca fara carti” din lume

2016-05-23 15.00.21

Numarul 207 pe iunie 2016 al revistei iesene de cultura Timpul a publicat o versiune scurta in limba romana a articolului meu in limba engleza despre BiblioTech, publicat recent pe blogul Persona. Articolul poate fi citit si online, AICI. Il redau mai jos in intregime.

* * *

Recent, am avut șansa de a vizita biblioteca digitală din comitatul Bexar din San Antonio, prima de acest fel din lume. Pe când căutam adresa, prietenul care mă ducea acolo devenea tot mai sceptic. Era imposibil ca o asemenea bibliotecă unicat să funcționeze în zona cea mai săracă a orașului. Totuși, tocmai aceasta fusese ideea. Nelson Wolff, magistratul suprem al comitatului, este cel care a imaginat această instituție, devenită acum un model pentru întreaga lume. Planul său a fost acela de a-i oferi populației sărace din Bexar șansa de a ieși din sărăcie prin educație. În sudul comitatului, cu 80% hispanici, 70% dintre locuințe neavând acces la internet și totalitatea populației școlare primind zilnic prânz gratuit, din pricina sărăciei părinților.

Continue reading “BiblioTech – prima „biblioteca fara carti” din lume”