Omul evanghelic. O explorare a comunitatilor protestante romanesti

Dragi prieteni,

Vă anunț, cu un sentiment de mare ușurare, că astăzi, înainte de prânz, „după lupte seculare”, care au durat mai mult de… zece ani, am predat la Polirom textele definitive și am semnat contractul final pentru volumul Omul evanghelic. O explorare a comunităților protestante românești. Este vorba de un volum masiv, de circa 650 de pagini, format mare, ce include texte elaborate de 19 autori, din interiorul și din afara mediului evanghelic.

Volumul va apărea în librării cel mai târziu până la începutul lunii septembrie, iar până la finalul aceleiași luni va fi disponibilă și versiunea ebook.

În viitorul apropiat voi voi începe să comunic, din când în când, mai multe informații despre acest proiect editorial.

Până atunci, pentru cei interesați, iată mai jos cuprinsul volumului.

Omul evanghelic – Cuprins



The Day Evangelicalism Shook over Hell

The Day Evangelicalism Shook over Hell.

Scot McKnight about John Stott’s annihilationism, the thing that ‘shook evangelicalism’. Stott was the the first evangelical leader to pint out to the the strange interest, if not love, that evangelicals have for hell.

One may require a little bit of psychoanalysis in order to understand that.

Ashes to ashes: In debate over burial or cremation, some things get lost

Ashes to ashes: In debate over burial or cremation, some things get lost.

Again about burial vs cremation, an ongoing debate.

Archbishop Rowan Williams on Death, Resurrection and Human Destiny in Christian and Muslim Perspective

April 23rd, 2012 | The 11th Building Bridges Seminar for Christian and Muslim scholars was convened by the Archbishop of Canterbury from April 23-25, 2012. The first day of the seminar, to be held at King’s College, London, consisted of public lectures on the seminar’s theme: “Death, Resurrection and Human Destiny in Christian and Muslim Perspective”.

» Tim LaHaye Backs “Glenn Beck’s End-Times Prophet” on Islamic Antichrist Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion

» Tim LaHaye Backs “Glenn Beck’s End-Times Prophet” on Islamic Antichrist Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion.

Tim LaHaye, the self-made know-it-all ‘prophecy specialist’ (author of the Left Behind heretic marketing stunt) has joined Glenn  Beck and Joel Richardson in their Islamophobic hysteria.

Fanatic fundamentalism is clearly a sign of the end-times.

NT Wright on Heaven

Here is the transcript: Continue reading “NT Wright on Heaven”

RELEVANT Magazine – Is Rob Bell a Universalist?

RELEVANT Magazine – Is Rob Bell a Universalist?.

Here is an interview with Rob Bell on the crux of the matter for his book Love Wins.

NT Wright on Paradise

Here is the transcription: Continue reading “NT Wright on Paradise”

NT Wright about Hell

Here is the transcription of this short video:

Continue reading “NT Wright about Hell”

NT Wright on the Purgatory

Thanks to Carson Clark for the link.

Here is the transcription of this talk: Continue reading “NT Wright on the Purgatory”

Martin Marty – Who Wins?

“Let’s you and him fight!” The old comic-book trope is good advice for bystanders as Mark Galli’s God Wins counters Rob Bell and his book Love Wins. The two are respected evangelical leaders, an editor and a pastor, who attract headlines and readerships as they debate “Heaven, Hell” and the “Good News.” Their subject is a meaningful alternative to the otherwise preoccupying evangelicals’ debates over homosexuality and abortion. “The Good News” is a debate over whether “Love Wins” or “God Wins,” and those who hear the biblical word that “God is Love” may have trouble telling the players without a program. Both sides agree that this is all about “the ultimate fate of human beings,” a classic concern of all who believe that there is an afterlife. Continue reading “Martin Marty – Who Wins?”

Ten Theses to Guide Debate on the Afterlife, by D.C. Cramer

Scot McKnight presents on his blog a post on eschatology in general and afterlife in particular, by D. C. Cramer, who is a PhD student in religion with an emphasis in theological ethics at Baylor University. Here is the summary of Cramer’s ‘ten theses’:

(1) Every view of the afterlife involves some amount of speculation.

(2) Theological positions cannot be reduced strictly to biblical exegesis.

(3) Christian philosophers should be given the benefit of the doubt when reasoning about the meaning of important concepts (love, justice, etc.). Continue reading “Ten Theses to Guide Debate on the Afterlife, by D.C. Cramer”

Israel’s Defensible Borders | Jesus Creed

Israel’s Defensible Borders | Jesus Creed.

What do you think?

Video: N.T. Wright on Bell & Hell « Musings of a Hard-Lining Moderate

Video: N.T. Wright on Bell & Hell « Musings of a Hard-Lining Moderate.

I suggest you should absolutely listen to this short comment on hell (and Rob Bell) by NT Wright. It’s brilliant and to the point. And, I am sure, the neo-fundamentalist neo-Reformed will hate it. Because it is true.

Thanks, Carson Clark.

Vali Teodorescu despre ‘poporul ales’ – Biserica, nu Israelul pamintesc

Vali Teodorescu a adaugat un comentariu important la una dintre postarile mele anterioare. Socotesc ca acesta merita mai multa vizibilitate si de aceea il transcriu aici ca un post separat. va doresc lectura placuta. Acesta va prefata o lunga serie de texte despre problema palestiniana, pe care le voi publica aici, in masura timpului. Continue reading “Vali Teodorescu despre ‘poporul ales’ – Biserica, nu Israelul pamintesc”

Bill Leonard – Listening to Rob Bell

These days simply say the words “Rob Bell” where two or three are gathered together and you provoke immediate conversation, if not controversy.

Bell, a popular writer and founding pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids, Mich., recently published the overnight bestseller Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, and The Fate Of Every Person Who Ever Lived. When the publisher (HarperOne) first “leaked” news of Bell’s views on hell the debates began.

Hell, Bell believes, exists within and beyond this world, horribly painful, potentially redemptive; but not eternal. Both now and in “the end” God’s love prevails, as revealed, indeed personified, in Jesus of Nazareth. The God Jesus described and incarnated is ever moving “from judgment to restoration, from punishment to new life.”  Continue reading “Bill Leonard – Listening to Rob Bell”

Carson Clark on Francis Schaeffer vs. Rob Bell

Carsol Clark runs a very interesting blog called Musings of Hard-Lining Moderate. The Assorted Thoughts of An Evangelical Anglican. I often find there very interesting discussions on current issues.

One of his latest posts deals with the Rob Bell debacle and brings an unlikely combatant in the field, the late Francis Schaeffer, one of the Evangelical thinkers who influenced me substantially in my young years., but with whom I cannot disagree more on the most important points.

Here are a few interesting musings from this blog post: Continue reading “Carson Clark on Francis Schaeffer vs. Rob Bell”

Rob Bell’s Real Hell

(Source, nakedpastor)

Two Objections to Universalism | The Blackbird Press

Two Objections to Universalism | The Blackbird Press.

Here is some interesting reading for those still interested in the Rob Bell controversy.

I’m Going to Hell (And So Are You) | The Blackbird Press

I’m Going to Hell (And So Are You) | The Blackbird Press.

Here is another article about the debate stirred up by Rob Bell’s book Love Wins.

Kevin DeYoung’s review of Rob Bell, Love Wins

In a recent article on Rob Bell’s recent book Love Wins, Justin Mulwee from Blackbird Press recommends what he describes as ‘the most thorough review of the book to surface so far (and by someone who’s actually read it!)’, that of Kevin DeYoung, pastor of the University Reformed Church in East Lansing, Michigan

Here is how DeYoung summarises the book: Continue reading “Kevin DeYoung’s review of Rob Bell, Love Wins”

Paranoia fundamentalista a Anticristului islamic

Furor eschatologicum, asa cum ii spunea Parintele Visky pasiunii nestavilite pentru chestiunile legate de sfirsitul lumii, este o realitate de care nu sunt deloc strain. Am trait in copilarie intre crestinii dupa Evanghelie, biserica parintilor mei, o confesiune eminamente escatologica, aflata sub influenta teologiei lui J.N. Darby, fundatorul ‘neoereziei’ dispensationaliste.

Am fost apoi influentat, in primii mei ani de umblare cu Cristos, de teologia lui Vasilica Moisescu, care promova o versiune proprie de dispensationalism. Am promovat eu insumi, ani de-a rindul aceasta teorie escatologica, la orele de tineret, la studiile biblice si in predicile din biserica. Continue reading “Paranoia fundamentalista a Anticristului islamic”

Martin Marty – Hell’s Bell

Duccio di Buoninsegna – Descent to Hell

Americans may have thought that cracks in the façade and framework of evangelicalism would show up most visibly when serious evangelicals argued whether Sarah Palin or Mike Huckabee would be the better presidential candidate. But now we have a chance to see that other divisive issues among evangelicals beg for attention. When one of these, a theological argument, no less, makes its way to the New York Times and other papers plus many blogs, it’s time to pay attention. Bystanders who think they have nothing at stake in the non-political arguments, and who have never heard of Pastor Bob Bell of Grand Rapids, Michigan, or his critic, neo-Calvinist John Piper, may stand by in fascination, but they are likely to be reached this time. The topic? Hell, and a punishing God’s use thereof. Continue reading “Martin Marty – Hell’s Bell”

What is Literal Interpretation? by Vern Pothress

What is Literal Interpretation? by Vern Pothress.

There is a lot of common sense in this article on hermeneutics. Thanks to Marius Cruceru for pointing to it.

Handle with care! It could make you think! 🙂

Februarie sau martie 1977 – Scrisoare interceptata – 5

Impărţirea cărţii Apocalipsei potrivit Bibliei ediţie Scofield

Introducere 1:1-3

I Mesajele D-lui înviat către cele şapte biserici 1:4-3:22

II Deschiderea sulului cu şapte peceţi cap. 4-6 si 8:1

III Parentehic: Evreii şi neamurile mântuite în timpul necazului cel mare cap. 7 Continue reading “Februarie sau martie 1977 – Scrisoare interceptata – 5”

Februarie sau martie 1977 – Scrisoare interceptata – 2

La sfârşit incerc să vă redau introducerea la cartea Apocalipsei, pe care am găsit-o  in Scoffield:

Autor: Ioan
Tema- Deznodământul
Data – 95

Apocalips=dezvăluire (descoperire) aceea ce era inainte ascuns sau necunoscut. In desfăşurarea acestei teme centrale Isus Cristos e relevant in glorie in contrast cu prezentarea sa in cele patru evanghelii. În Apoc. Cristos apare in relaţie cu timpul ca “Cel ce a fost si Cel ce vine” (1:4). Apoc. relatează: Continue reading “Februarie sau martie 1977 – Scrisoare interceptata – 2”

With God on Our Side – an extraordinary documentary

Continue reading “With God on Our Side – an extraordinary documentary”

An Advent theme – ‘All Israel Will Be Saved’

As Christians anticipate the advent of Jesus this holiday season, they focus once more on the birth narratives in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. Sermons will praise Mary’s faith and courage. Carols will extol the holy infant, so tender and mild. Scripture readings from the evangelists will depict Jesus as the Savior and Deliverer of God’s chosen people. Yet Christmas also bears a tinge of disappointment. For the most part, Christians do not share this celebration with Jews. This division preoccupied the New Testament writers, particularly the apostle Paul, who envisioned a time when many Jews will join the Gentiles in praising the name of Christ the Lord forever.

Read more of this very interesting  Collin Hansen article HERE.

Paranoia escatologica – Obama este Anticristul?

Absolut incredibil! No comment!

Continue reading “Paranoia escatologica – Obama este Anticristul?”

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