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Kim Fabricius – Ten Propositions on Being A Theologian

Augustine, the theologian
Augustine, the theologian

1. Actually, there is no such thing as a theologian, anymore than there is such a thing as a Christian. Theologians are not solitary creatures. Theology is the outcome of good conversation, the conversation of friends. Though – the rabies theologorum – you could be forgiven for thinking the opposite! Which is why, in the interest of world peace, it is probably wise that theological conferences are held infrequently. Theologians are like horse manure: all in one place and they stink to high heaven; they are best spread around.

2. “Theology is not free speech but holy speech” (John Webster). The theologian is a servant of the word: in multi-logue with other theologians, she thinks about what God has told us in the Bible. Thus – but only thus – is she also a servant of the church, creatura verbi Divini. The theologian tests the church’s preaching and teaching, and the work of other theologians, to keep them honest, i.e. to ensure that they are about the love and grace of God.

3. The theologian, therefore, is not an academic but an ecclesiodemic. He may work in a university but he is not of the university. He must be multilingual, but he must remember that his hometown is Jerusalem, not Athens. So he must hang loose to criteria of academic respectability. Submission, for example, to the idea that theology must never be homiletical, or that a theologian should not begin a lecture with prayer, suggests a Babylonian captivity. To switch biblical geography, the theologian must not hanker after the fleshpots of Nile College. Read More…

Dorin Dobrincu, din nou despre ALRC, in ultimul numar din Archiva Moldaviae.

Istorie Evanghelica

Cosmin Budeancă semnalează apariția unui nou număr al Revistei Archiva Moldavie, unde Dorin Dobrincu are un articol despre actele constitutive ale Comitetului Creștin Român pentru Apărarea Libertății Religioase și de Conștiință cunoscut sub acronimul ALRC


„Noi nu suntem marxiști, ci creștini”. Actele constitutive ale Comitetului Creștin Român pentru Apărarea Libertății Religioase și de Conștiință (1978)


Pavel Nicolescu ( - nov 2011 Pavel Nicolescu (

Despre Pavel Nicolescu, inițiatorul ALRC, am scris în 2011 următoarele:

Pavel Nicolescu, este una dintre personalitățile de marcă ale evanghelicilor români. Lui i se datorează inițierea ALRC-ului (Comitetul Român Pentru Apărarea Libertății Religioase și de Conștiință), comitet care milita pentru respectarea drepturilor religioase garantate cetățenilor de către Constituția RSR (1965) precum și de alte legi în vigoare la momentul respectiv printre care și Legea pentru Regimul General al Cultelor Religioase din 1948 care a suferit schimbări minore pe parcursul perioadei comuniste. În cadrul tezei mele de doctorat am…

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Islam Means Peace? A brief etymological reflection

Martin Accad on what Islam means: Here is his punch line:~’As one who struggles to be faithful in following in the way of Jesus, I long to see the impact of his teaching on love and forgiveness penetrate all religious traditions, perhaps even contemporary Christianity! And I hope that one day I will be able to affirm that Islam means peace. But for now, this will remain a hope and a prayer.’

The Institute of Middle East Studies

By Martin Accad

‘Islam Means Peace!’ So affirmed the flyer of a conference organized in the US that remains etched in my memory. And so affirm many books and websites you will find by simply googling the phrase. You will also find an equally large number of websites and books that claim that this is a lie, that when Muslims make that claim they are practicing taqiyya.

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Avicii – Wake Me Up

Go where you belong. The powerful message of a splendid song.

Here are the lyrics: Read More…

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Hieronymus Bosch – The Garden of Earthly Delights

Hieronymus Bosch - The Garden of Earthly Delights

The people from Dutch public broadcaster NTR just released the interactive documentary by Pieter van Huystee on The Garden of Earthly Delights. Available in Dutch and in English.

Ypou may find it HERE.

Mystic Chapel - Cover

Our first album, Martyrs Prayers, asked the question, “What would you die for?” It was our small attempt of speaking musically to the issue of “cheap grace” as defined by one martyr in particular, Dietrich Bonhoeffer. From Ignatius of Antioch to Oscar Romero we considered those who had given their lives for the faith.

Our second album, Mystic Chapel, asks another question, “What if we still believed?”. We came to faith in a time when something was happening. It wasn’t programmed, it wasn’t planned, but it was real. The theology was not deep or profound and there was much that we needed to learn, but we believed, and that belief was translated into a movement that changed the Church, changed the style and substance of ministry, changed worship and changed music. It was a time when it seemed nothing was impossible.  Read More…

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Parker Palmer on Ways of Healing A Wounded Body Politic

Parker Palmer

Though much of our political discourse is toxic, “politics” itself is not a dirty word. It’s the ancient and honorable effort to come together across our differences and create a community in which the weak as well as the strong flourish, love and power collaborate, and justice and mercy have their day.

Yes, that’s a vision of politics that will never be fully achieved. But every time someone abandons that vision and turns to cynicism, democracy suffers one more wound in the death of a thousand cuts. Yes, Big Money is a Big Problem. But, as journalist Bill Moyers has said:

“The antidote, the only antidote, to the power of organized money in Washington is the power of organized people.”

Yes, the divide-and-conquer tactics deployed against us are powerful and unrelenting, but their success requires our collaboration. If we reject them in favor of Martin Luther King Jr.’s timeless vision of the Beloved Community, the tactics will fail.

Just as democracy can die a death of a thousand cuts, it can be given new life by a thousand acts of civility. As Wendell Berry reminds us, there are no big fixes to big problems, only a lot of little ones. Here are few ways we can play our small but vital roles in healing a wounded body politic. Read More…

This talk was recorded on 3 June 2015, at the Forum of Christian Leaders.

An outline of this talk can be downloaded HERE.

Emőke Tapolyai is a clinical pastoral counsellor and an executive coach. She received her MA in clinical pastoral counselling from Ashland Theological Seminary, a division of Ashland University (Ashland, Ohio, USA). She is a member of the American Association of Christian Counsellors (AACC) and the Hungarian Association of Sexologists

You may find HERE more of her contributions to the Forum of Christian Leaders.



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A View of Hell – 2016 Drone Aerial View of Homs, Syria

This is an exclusive audio interview by Marian Petruta, with Jon-Åge Øyslebø, in charge of Communications and Cultural Affairs at the Embassy of Norway, Washington DC.

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(Pro)Test de solidaritate

Teo Stanciu despre (pro)testul de solidaritate cu familia Bodnariu, la Oradea.

Cu drezina

(Foto: Darius Cornean - folosită cu permisiune) (Foto: Darius Cornean – folosită cu permisiune)

(Un fel de reportaj)

Pe 23 ianuarie, la Oradea, au urcat pe aceeași scenă lideri religioși a 7 confesiuni creștine cu prilejul protestului de solidaritate cu familiile din Norvegia care au de suferit de pe urma intervențiilor Barnevernet. S-au perindat pe la microfon: Ioan Moldovan (președintele Comunității Penticostale) care a făcut cumva oficiile de gazdă, Sofronie Drincec (episcopul ortodox), László Böcskei (episcopul catolic), Virgil Bercea (episcopul greco-catolic), Vinczene Palfi Judit (reprezentanta bisericii reformate), Mátyás Attila – sper că nu greșesc (reprezentantul bisericii evanghelice-luterane), Petru Vidu (președintele Comunității Baptiste), Ioan Moldovan (președintele Comunității Penticostale), Viorel Iuga (președintele Uniunii Creștine Baptiste), Paul Negruț (rectorul Universității Emanuel și fostul președinte al uniunii) și Moise Ardelean (președintele Cultului Creștin Penticostal).

Oarecum surprinzător pentru România, evenimentul a început la ora anunțată (12.00), după un preambul cu muzică de fanfară. Probabil ca parte a semnalării participării la protest, la toate…

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The Fellowship: The Literary Lives of the Inklings

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M-am convertit din nou: sunt musulman baptist

Alex e pus astazi pe glume, Desi ma tem ca unii care dau din intimplare pe aici nu prea au simtul umorului (defectul de fabricatie e grav, dar ei nu-si dau seama), Deci, pazea.

Pasarea Phoenix Remixed & co

Am devenit musulman baptist. Eram musulman și m-am botezat într-u Allah. Am strigat “La ilaha illa Allah, Muhammadur rasoolu Allah,” în momentul cufundării și atunci s-a produs minunea. Pesemne din cauza lichidului intrat pe nas și pe gură în același timp. Acum nu mai sunt sigur de mîntuirea mea, pentru că deviza convertirii a fost cam gîlgîită. Mă întreb cine mă va înțelege: Allah sau Dumnezeu?

Soția mi-a dat să mănînc un rasol, dacă tot am strigat lozinci, și iată, mi-am schimbat obiceiurile alimentare. Sper să nu mă radicalizez.

Mi-am pus și minaret la casă și cum nu este muezin prin apropiere am și giobul ăsta. Mă urc în minaret de cinci ori pe zi și mă chem la rugăciune. Că sunt atîta de ocupat că aproape uit de rugăciune. Apoi îi iau covorașu lui Moxi, foxterierul de companie al copiilor și mă proștern. La început nu știam de cîte…

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IOCS Cambridge – Community Days 2016


Dear Friends,

We have the pleasure to announce our new annual series of Community Lecture Days for 2016. We continue to address themes of major importance for both the Orthodox tradition and the Christian world, and, this year, the series of Community Lecture Days is entitled ‘CONTEMPORARY FATHERS AND MOTHERS OF THE CHURCH: GUIDES FOR TODAY’S WORLD’.

From February to June, on the last Saturday of each month, participants have the opportunity to attend two lectures – one in the morning and one in the afternoon. A relaxed lunch and refreshments in between the lectures will allow the time and opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones, and continue the discussion. As usual, we conclude the day with a Vespers service.

For the first time ever, people will now have the possibility to attend the lectures live on their computers, for a smaller fee. No additional software or programmes will need to be installed – participants will simply be sent a link, and by clicking on it they will be able to watch the lectures live, but also to contribute questions or comments during the Q&A session. If you are interested to participate on-line just drop us an email. Read More…

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Generozitate inversă

Uneori a primi este greu decit a darui. Caci poti darui cu superiositate, dar nu poti primi decit in umilinta.


Cred că generozitatea de a oferi altora înțelegere ar trebui să vină la pachet cu generozitatea de a primi. Ar trebui să fie cu două sensuri deschiderea aceasta. Altfel pare a fi cumva o încrâncenare de a fi perfect. Și, cum nimeni nu e perfect, înseamnă că nu e nevoie nici să părem perfecți. Sau poate că nu ne propunem neapărat să fim mândri, dar, nedeschizând cutia sensibilă a sufletului, cu îndoielile, regretele, durerile lui, spunem de fapt că fie nu le simțim (ceea ce nu poate fi adevărat), fie nu găsim pe nimeni demn să le asculte (ceea ce iar nu poate fi adevărat, căci, dacă e, atunci suntem chiar fără cusur pe un pământ decăzut).

E uman să dai, și tot uman e și să primești. Nu e o rușine să ai nevoie, să te bucuri de afecțiunea și încurajarea altuia. E un semn că suntem oameni, că…

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Mai mult decât un nume pe-o carte

ADama revine pe blog cu o poveste semnificativa si o intrebare care este mai importanta decit raspunsul (imposibil) la aceasta.

lumea adam(a)ică

Unii oameni își lasă numele pe coperțile cărților. Alții își lasă numele încrustat adânc în inimile semenilor. Despre ei scriu alții. Și mai ales Cartea.

Într-o bună zi, Adămioara m-a întrebat: “Mami, de ce nu m-a iubit Dumnezeu atât de mult cât să mă lase să o cunosc pe bunica, pe mama ta?”

E genul de întrebare care-l încuie pe orice părinte… 

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Puterea ipocriziei

Alex Nadaban despre ipocrizi, sau, in termeni biblici, despre fariseism, cea mai teribila molima care bintuie mediile religioase de orice culoare.

Pasarea Phoenix Remixed & co

De la apostolul Petru pînă la cel mai mărunt (dacă pot să mă exprim așa…) credincios al tagmei creștine, cu toții ne-am confruntat cu ipocrizia. Modelul biblic uzitat și deja demonetizat este cel al fariseului pios ce-și face publicitate. Au fost, sunt și vor exista farisei. Am fost, sunt și voi fii fariseu. Cu voie sau fără de voie.

Ipocrizia e frumoasă. E frumos, cum adesea se spune prin biserici să fie observată pioșenia. Religiozitatea dă bine. Asigură personal că sunt în trend și asigură grupul că n-am plecat la ăialalți. Oricare ar fi ei. Sau ele. Nu facem distincție.

Ipocrizia alias fariseismul (observați că șmechera și-a făcut deja operație de schimbare de sex?) dă dependență. Se începe cu o doză mică și nevinovată (chiar?) și apoi pentru că nu mai are același efect, se mărește doza. Se dublează, se triplează, se ridică la patrat de fiecare dată. Individual sau…

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Martin Marty – The Ups and Downs of Religion

Martin Marty

Those (of us) who do sightings of religion in public life are schooled to notice not only the “what” of religious phenomena and happenings, but also the “where” of each.

A guiding theme in my observing and reporting derives from a provocative and (only slightly) over-stated claim of José Ortega y Gasset: “Tell me your landscape and I will tell you who you are.” It takes more than our “place” to explain our whole selves, but location tells much.

Two items this week popped up on my screen as reminders.

First was a Christian Headlines story by Veronica Neffinger announcing the “Top Ten Most Bible-Minded Cities in the Country.” The Barna Group, reporting through the American Bible Society, listed ten cities which were most “Bible-minded.” Never mind right now what “-minded” here means.  Read More…

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Atheists, Believers, and Suicide

This is quite an interesting analysis, even if I donlt think we have enough date to draw definite conclusions.

O alternativă la lecțiile cu mama și tata.

Source: Simona Tache – O alternativă la lecțiile cu mama și tata – Simona Tache

O idee nemaipomenita.

In Marrakesh, hundreds of Muslim leaders release modern update to Muhammad’s Charter of Medina.

Source: Morocco Declaration: Muslim Nations Should Protect Christians from Persecution | Gleanings |

This is a very important declaration, which, I am afraid, will go again unnoticed in the current Islamophobia that dominates the so-called ‘Christian West’.

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Mihail Neamtu – Civilizatia iubirii – 1

Domnul Mihail Neamtu, teolog ortodox laic, fost om politic, si mai nou antreprenor, a facut in luna ianuarie a anului 2016 o vizita in California la invitatia domnului Dorin Druhora, pastor penticostal din Los Angeles, unul dintre putinii lideri evanghelici de acolo implicati in dialogul cu ortodoxia. Iata aici prima prelegere sustinuta acolo de Dr. Mihail Neamtu, sub genericul Civilizatia iubirii.

Every generation experiences change. But sometimes you sense you’re in the midst of truly radical change, the kind that happens only every few centuries. Increasingly, I think we’re in such a moment now. Those of us in in Western culture…Read More→

Source: 10 predictions about the future Church and shifting attendance patterns – ChristianWeek

Here is a very interesting attempt to anticipate the changes that will face the Church in coming decades.

Posted by: DanutM | 31 January 2016

I Am NOT Black, You are NOT White

These Labels were Made Up to Divide us.

Artist/Writer – Prince Ea

Rachel Held Evans

NOTES: It has been some time since I have shared on my blog a post written by Rachel. But this one is a must, as so many evangelicals in the US seem to be fooled by the perverted version of the gospel promoted by the Republican candidate to the American presidency.

And some good news on Rachel. On Feb 29th, President Obama nominated Rachel Held Evans as member of the President’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Well done, Rachel.

* * *

As it becomes clear Donald Trump’s candidacy for president will be more than a sideshow this year, the probable Republican nominee is making his pitch to Christian voters.

You would think it would be a hard sell given the fact that the real estate mogul and reality star has boasted about his extramarital affairs, profited off casinos and strip clubs, said he doesn’t need to ask God for forgiveness, called for targeting innocent civilians in war, mocked a reporter with a disability, threatened the religious liberty of minority groups in the U.S., and gained wide support among white nationalists for consistently lying about and demeaning blacks, Mexican immigrants, Muslims, and Syrian refugees.

But polls show that despite all of this, Trump remains favored among evangelical voters. After speaking at Liberty University last week, Trump scored an important endorsement from Jerry Falwell Jr., a prominent leader of the Religious Right who, to the applause of thousands, compared Trump to Jesus and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Read More…

A look at the writer’s most powerful ideas.

Source: 12 Francis Schaeffer Quotes That Will Challenge the Way You Engage Culture | RELEVANT Magazine

Reading anew these quotes I realised agaion why I loved so much Schaeffer’s early take on culture.

At the same time, I realise now how troubled I am by the sexist language he uses in these quotes. He should have known better, but how many of us did have that sensitivity at the time?

Finally, it is such a pity that in his latest phase, Schaeffer became more of an activist of the Christian Right than a thinker.

Nevertheless, these quotes are worth considering, in spite of it all.

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Irina Pacurariu – In numele copilului – TVR

TVR a difizat in 29 ianuarie 2016 un reportaj despre cazul Bodnariu semnat de Irina Pacurariu. Am urmarit cu atenie acest program si marturisesc ca am fost placut impresionat de echilibrul si sensibilitatea cu care au fost prezentate lucrurile.

Am doar doua obiectii cu privire la abordare. Mai intii, singurul lider crestin norvegian care a aparut in reportaj a fost Jan-Aage Torp, coordinatorul (eng. ‘convenor’) unui grup carismatic radical (European Apostolic Leaders), care a fost exclus din rindul penticostalilor norvegieni, dupa radicalizarea lui, intre altele si pentruca a sustinut disciplinarea fizica a copiilor, care este ilegala in Norvegia. Argumentele sale s-au bazat pe interpretarea literalist-fundamentalista a unor texte din Scriptura. Cu un asemenea pedigree, Torp nu poate fi privit ca un martor demn de incredere in acest caz.

In al doilea rind, singurul ‘jurist’ care a fost intervievat in cadrul acestui reportaj a fost Marius Reikeras, care si-a pierdut licenta de avocat (de aici necesitatea ghilimelelor) in urma unor conflicte cu Barnevernet si, ca atare, nu poate pretinde a fi cit de cit obiectiv in aceste chestiuni.

In rest, aproape numai de bine. Daca astfel ar fi aratat toate demersurile gazetaresti legate de acest caz, probabil nu am fi vazut atitea atitudini si manifestari extreme in media romanesca. Ma indoiesc insa ca asemenea abordari profesioniste ar fi avut vreun efect moderator asupra spatiului virtual evanghelic, care opereaza dupa cu totul alte reguli decit cele ale profesionalismului jurnalistic si care este adesea manipulat cu usurinta de oameni animati de intentii dintre cele mai obscure.

A beautiful image gallery inspired by 11 quotes from Saint Augustine in his work The Confessions. May these words keep inspiring us as much today as yesterday in our search for the truth, which is nothing other than the search for God.

Source: 11 quotes Saint Augustine Essential for Our Christian Life

Some great truths to ponder for Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

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Miroslav Volf, Allah – The Pneuma Review

Source: Miroslav Volf: Allah : The Pneuma Review

Here is an excellent review of Miroslav Volf’s book Allah. A Christian Response, by Pentecostal theologian Amos Young.

Posted by: DanutM | 29 January 2016

Biblical Womanhood … The New Testament

Musings on Science and Theology

I started a series on Biblical womanhood last Thursday with a look at women of the Old Testament. Not commands and laws, but stories about people, what they did and how they did it. It is quite an amazing variety. Today we will look at women of the New Testament. Like the ancient Near East and ancient Israel, first century Galilee, Judea, and the Greek and Roman world were patriarchal cultures. This culture is reflected in the narrative. Still, in the New Testament, even more than the Old Testament, biblical women were not passive wives and mothers staying in the background. Nor were they condemned for their actions (except for the same kinds of failures that condemned men). If there are other specific New Testament examples that we should consider, add them in a comment.

People of Faith

El_GRECO(Domenikos_Theotokopoulos)_-_Annunciation_-_Google_Art_ProjectThen Mary said, “Here am I, the servant of the Lord; let…

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