Switchfoot’s Prayer For Everyone

Crescendo Forum la Iasi – duminica 11 octombie

afis Crescendo

Stimati prieteni,

Pe aceasta cale va invitam la serata intitulata “Crescendo Forum”, care va avea loc

duminica, 11 octombrie a.c. ora 17:00,

la Muzeul Memorial “Mihail Kogalniceanu”.

Invitata serii este doamna Judith Ermert, violoncelista de renume international, care va interpreta cateva pagini din creatia muzicala universala si va evoca momente din cariera sa.

Seria de evenimente “Crescendo Forum” a fost initiata de fundatia Crescendo International, cu scopul de a promova activitatea artistica a muzicienilor afiliati.

Va asteptam cu drag, prezenta dumneavoastra ne va onora.

Carmen Zaharia-Danicov,
Reprezentant Crescendo International
pentru Romania

Julian (Sfatcu) Jones – Annonimous Spanish Romance

This is Julian’s gift for my wife, on Mihaela’s birthday. I am sure she will enjoy it.

When he was a teenager and his family was already in the US, he spent many days in our home.

Leonard Cohen – In My Secret Life

A bitter-sweet confession song, by Leonard Cohen, for a hot summer Sunday evening.

Here are the lyrics:

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Leonard Cohen – I Can’t Forget

O great song for a hot summer afternoon, from Cohen”s latest album, Can’t Forget.

Here the lyrics:

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Misha Mdinaradze – Kyrie eleison

Music by Misha Mdinaradze
Choir: “Mdzlevari ”
Vocalists: Mariam Roinishvili / Mikheil Javakhishvili .

Ilia II of Georgia – Kyrie eleison

The International Festival From “Easter to Ascension” “KYRIE ELEISON”(Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia ILIA II) for Viola,Symphony Orchestra and Choir / Viola:Giorgi Tsagareli /http://www.myspace.com/georgetsagarelli Conductor:Zviad Bolqvadze/ The National Symphony Orchestra of Georgia/Trinity Choir /26 APRIL 2009

NT Wright Sings ‘Genesis’

N.T. Wright presenting a song whose words he wrote with Francis Collins. A song based, of course, on the song ‘Yesterday‘, by the Beatles.
N.T. Wright was an Anglican bishop and is a leading New Testament scholar. He received his Doctor of Divinity degree from Oxford University and he teaches presently at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.

Teach Me, My God and King

Teach Me, My God and King

Being an Anglican that does not an Anglican church where I live, I try to use any opportunity I have to worship in Anglican churches where I travel. The last such opportunity was a few weeks ago in Nicosia, Cyprus (and, by the way, I will have the opportunity to worship there again next Sunday).

During the liturgy, I was somewhat intrigued by one of the (very) British hymns sang (at the end of the service I realised that my colleagues were as intrigued as I was). It was the hymn ‘Teach Me, My God and King’, written by George Herbert, a 17th century composer. What attracted our attention, besides the quite strange tune, were the lyrics, especially the strange alchemist analogy of Christ being the ‘philosopher’s stone’ – the one that, supposedly, turns everything into gold, in the last stanza. Maybe that is why the hymn was called originally ‘The Elixir’.

So, I have decided to share it with you when I get home, which I do now. Listen first to the song, and then you may read a short exegesis of this hymn.

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Petra – Creed

Since I shared yesterday a musical creed, here is a famous one, from the well kn own rock band Petra, a favourite of my kids.

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This I Believe

We all need creeds. Evangelicals thought they don’t, but more and more of them are rediscovering the value of creeds.

Here is an example of creed put to music, by the Hillsong church in Kiev. Enjoy!

(Thanks to my friend Raluca Muntean for this link.)

Handel’s Messiah: A Christmas Oratorio?

Handel’s Messiah: A Christmas Oratorio?

Here is a beautiful text about one of the most beloved musical Christmas masterpieces.

Mercedes Sosa Sings ‘Missa Criola’

Today is the 78th birthday celebration of Pope Francis. As he declared in the recent interview for La Nacion, Missa Criola, by Ariel Ramirez, is one of his favourite pieces of music. Here is what he says: ‘When I heard ‘Misa Criolla’ for the first time I was a student, I think I was studying theology at that time, I can´t remember well. I really liked it! I enjoyed ´Lamb of God’, which is magnificent. I will never forget that I heard Mercedes Sosa singing it.’ Here it is, in celebration of Pope Francis, one of my heroes, and also for your enjoyment.

Sister Cristina – Like A Virgin

An amazing Catholic nun singer. And she daringly sings Madonna’s ‘Life A Virgin’, certainly with somewhat cleaned up lyrics.

Leonard Cohen – Almost Like the Blues

Leonard Cohen sublime.

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Leonard Cohen – Born in Chains

This is from Leonard Cohen’s latest album, Popular Problems.
You may read HERE an interesting tribute to Cohen, with an emphasis on his latest album.

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Nolwenn Leroy – Ave Maria

Harry Tavitian – Rise up, Romanian!

Jazz pianist’s Harry Tavitian’s improvisations on “Rise up, Romanian!”, the National Anthem of Romania.
Harry Tavitian: “I dedicate this version of the National Anthem of Romania to our hero, Alexandru Popescu. Through his titanic act of walking 3000 km from Ploiești (Romania) to Bruxelles, he wishes to deliver our message – on December 1st, Romania’s National Day – to the European Parliament: THE ROMANIANS WANT NO CYANIDE AND SHALE GAS!”
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Indila – Love Story

Indila sera le 7 Decembre a Bucharest.

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Advent 2014 – Pentatonix, Mary Did You Know?

Advent this year begins, for the Anglican believers like me, on 30 November, which corresponds in this case with my 60th birthday, and falls on the Feast of St. Andrew. This is a very meaningful coincidence for me.

Here is a very special song  – Mary Did You Know?, by Pentatonix – for the beginning of Advent, together with my best wishes for a meaningful time of preparation for the celebration of our Lord’s incarnation in our fallen world.

Premiera nationata – Arvo Part – Salve Regina

Arvo Part - Salve Regina

Jubilate 2014 Iasi – Crezul apostolic

Jubilate 2014 Iasi – Crezul apostolic

Dirijor, Kenneth Tucker
Aula Magna “Haralamb Vasiliu”a Universitatii Agronomice din Iasi

7 decembrie – Indila in Romania, la Sala Palatului

Indila in Romania

INDILA este asteptata de romanii din toata tara cu entuziasm si nerabdare, iar biletele pentru concertul artistei franceze, anuntat pe 7 decembrie la Sala Palatului, de la ora 19:00, se apropie de epuizare. Cererile fanilor, care continua sa creasca intr-un numar impresionant de la o zi la alta, i-a convins pe organizatori sa faca toate demersurile necesare pentru punerea in scena a celui de-al doilea concert.

Coplesita de reactia extraordinara a publicului din Romania, INDILA a raspuns prompt la invitatia organizatorilor de a mai sustine inca un concert in aceeasi zi. In acelasi timp, si-a manifestat dorinta de a le transmite admiratorilor sai, mesajul sau de multumire si pretuire.

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Universal Language of Beauty

In the old village of Kanda, Georgia, six people enter an unfinished Orthodox Church to sing the Trisagion hymn. Their voices rise up in Georgian and Aramaic as a foreshadowing of what will take place when the Church is finished. Regardless of whether or not you can understand these languages, the language of beauty rings clear; it ushers us into an awe-filled space where we are invited to join in singing “Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, have mercy on us.”

Abbé Road – Le Chemin de pierre

Bravo, Nolwenn Leroy!

Interprété par : Nolwenn Leroy, Zaz, Renan Luce, Rose, Jeanne Cherhal, Thomas Dutronc, Joyce Jonathan, Tété, Mike Ibrahim, Christophe Maé.

60 ans après l’Appel de son fondateur, la Fondation Abbé Pierre choisit le vecteur de la musique pour sensibiliser et mobiliser les jeunes publics, qui figurent parmi les premières victimes du mal-logement en France.
Plus d’infos : http://www.fondation-abbe-pierre.fr/

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Numele lui Celibidache interzis institutiilor de stat din Romania


Sergiu Ioan Celibidache, fiul lui Sergiu Celibidache, anunță că nu va mai organiza festivalul care poartă numele celebrului dirijor și compozitor, motivul fiind „indiferenţa statului român, atunci când vine vorba de onorarea valorilor României”. De asemenea, din cauza „indiferenţei, promisiunilor neonorate și neruşinării anumitor oameni politici”, fiul marelui artist spune că interzice, de acum înainte, folosirea numelui tatălui său de către orice instituție de stat din România.

Prezentăm mai jos scrisoarea deschisă a lui Sergiu Ioan Celibidache. O lectură necesară, mai ales acum, în plină campanie electorală.

„Tatăl meu a declarat mereu: M-am născut român, voi muri român. Şi asa s-a şi întâmplat. Însă, întotdeauna şi-a dorit să facă mult mai mult pentru ţara sa. În anii ‘70, Ceauşescu însuşi i-a interzis să revină în România. „Este prea carismatic acest domn Kolb“, acesta fiind numele de cod pe care i l-au dat comuniştii. După Revoluţie, vârsta înaintată l-a împiedicat să se implice mai mult, dar a crezut cu adevărat în spiritul talentat şi inspiraţional al românului. Era ferm convins că de tot ce are nevoie acest spirit românesc e doar o direcţie bună şi o speranţă reală pentru a se materializa singur. Continue reading “Numele lui Celibidache interzis institutiilor de stat din Romania”

Musical Effects on Children

Musical effects

Martin Marty – Hillsong


Martin Marty on the Hillsong phenomenon.

Taxi – Dear Americans

This would be hillarious, if it was not so sadly true.

I love Taxi. Dan Teodorescu rocks.

Flash Mob at Bucharest International Henri Coanda Airport by Bucharest Symphony Orchestra

A symphonic venture from Bucharest International Henri Coanda Airport, Bucharest Symphony Orchestra and BestValue, at the celebration of three years of existence for the Bucharest Airports National Company.

Bucharest Symphony Orchestra
Music Director and Principal Conductor BENOÎT FROMANGER