Two John Stott Stories

During the summer of 2001, while I was doing my PhD studies at London School of Theology, with support from Langham Scholarship, uncle John agreed to support an unusual project: providing funding for an Eastern Orthodox Biblical scholar from Romania for spending a number of weeks in doing research at the Tyndale House in Cambridge. Continue reading “Two John Stott Stories”

The Art of Writing a PhD

Writing a PhD dissertation is like being a painter in a football stadium trying to capture a beautiful picture of the entire crowd without missing the features of each individual. You get the picture: it is a difficult task. However, having access to Tyndale House is like having access to aerial satellite images that allow you to take a closer look at multiple parts of the stadium through a single zoom lens. Tyndale House, with its thousands of images covering any area in Biblical studies, provides the necessary tools for the researcher to paint a well-researched, beautiful work.

Beniamin Pascut, from Romania, PhD candidate at the University of Cambridge.

(From the latest Tyndale House newsletter)

How to Index A Book Semi-automatically

David Instone-Brewer, from Tyndale House in Cambridge, sends us regularly all sorts of invaluable advise on the use of technology in theological studies. His latest newsletter deals with creating semi-automatically a book index. Here is what he says:

Everyone has a book in them, but when you’ve finished it, the publisher will email you asking for an Index by yesterday. This will show you how to index semi-automatically. You can create a Subject index, a Scripture index (with everything in the right order) and any additional indexes in Word, without reading your book, and and format it just like the publisher wants. Quickly. Continue reading “How to Index A Book Semi-automatically”

“Cazul” Alin Cristea – 2

Alin cel straniu

Il cunosc pe Alin Cristea din toamna lui 1994, cind mi-a devenit student la ceea ce se numeste acum Universitatea Emanuel din Oradea. Ne-am intilnit, de asemenea, in vara lui 1996, cu ocazia unui program in cadrul caruia cei mai buni studenti ai universitatii (did you get it or should I be more explicit?) erau invitati sa lucreze tiomp de doua saptamini la lucrari de amenajare la Tyndale House, in Cambridge, Marea Britanie, avind apoi acces timp de o saptamina la biblioteca acestui faimos centru evanghelic de studii biblice,pentru a-si pregati lucrarea de licenta. Poate nu intimplator, atunci a inceput sa se prabuseasca, incetul cu incetul, visul pe care l-am construit, alaturi de Paul Negrut si de alti citiva colegi, de a face din Emanuel, cea mai buna scoala de teoloie evanghelica din estul Europei. Mare pacate acest vis s-a spulberat, desi era absolut realizabil, asa cum aratau lucrurile inainte de vara aceea. Dar despre toate acestea, poate, alta data.

Continue reading ““Cazul” Alin Cristea – 2”

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