The Angel of the Stacks


In July 2009 I was in Cambridge for a meeting related to a very important project, called The Way – an adult Orthodox catechism, also known as the ‘Orthodox Alpha’, and visited St. John’s College with Dr. David Frost, a fellow of this College and, at the time, Director of the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies, at the same university.

Visiting different rooms of the college, where only teachers had access, we started sharing experiences we had during our doctoral studies on providential moments, when the ‘dime dropped’, and we were able to find unexpectedly, on the shelves of academic libraries certain essential materials for the study we did. Continue reading “The Angel of the Stacks”

Dr Danut Manastireanu on Father Dumitru Staniloae (Part Two)

DanutM at IOCS2

Dr Danut Manastireanu on Father Dumitru Staniloae (Part Two) (link here to watch)

This is the second presentation I have done on 16 April, 2016, at the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies (IOCS), in Cambridge, UK, as part of a series of community lectures titled ‘Contemporary Fathers and Mothers of the Church: Guides for Today’s World’.

I concentrate in this second lecture on my personal encounter with Orthodoxy in general and the theology of Father Dumitru Staniloae in particular.

Many thanks, again, to my dear friend Dr. David Frost, then Principal of IOCS, and to my Romanian friends there, Dr. Razvan Porumb and Fr. Dragos Herescu, for their kind invitation, warm hospitality, and delightful open conversation we had during this event.

You may download at the link below the PDF text of my presentation.

Danut Manastireanu – My Personal Encounter with Fr Dumitru Staniloae’s Theology


IOCS Cambridge – Community Days 2016


Dear Friends,

We have the pleasure to announce our new annual series of Community Lecture Days for 2016. We continue to address themes of major importance for both the Orthodox tradition and the Christian world, and, this year, the series of Community Lecture Days is entitled ‘CONTEMPORARY FATHERS AND MOTHERS OF THE CHURCH: GUIDES FOR TODAY’S WORLD’.

From February to June, on the last Saturday of each month, participants have the opportunity to attend two lectures – one in the morning and one in the afternoon. A relaxed lunch and refreshments in between the lectures will allow the time and opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones, and continue the discussion. As usual, we conclude the day with a Vespers service.

For the first time ever, people will now have the possibility to attend the lectures live on their computers, for a smaller fee. No additional software or programmes will need to be installed – participants will simply be sent a link, and by clicking on it they will be able to watch the lectures live, but also to contribute questions or comments during the Q&A session. If you are interested to participate on-line just drop us an email. Continue reading “IOCS Cambridge – Community Days 2016”

16 April 2016 – An invitation from IOCS in Cambridge


The latest newsletter of the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies in Cambridge, UK, announces the kind invitation I have received from the Principal of the college, Dr. David Frost, to present on April 16 two open lectures on Fr Dumitru Staniloae, as part of the Community Lecture Days initiative, which explores during the current academic year the theme ‘Contemporary Fathers and Mothers of the Church. Guides for Today’s World’.

This is a real honour, as it comes from an institution and a person that are really dear to me, and I hope it will be an opportunity for reciprocal enrichment. So help us God!

58 Reasons Living In Cambridge Ruins You For Life

58 Reasons Living In Cambridge Ruins You For Life.

Cambridge - St. John's College Bridge

Cambridge is my favourite place in England.

You will find in this article a number of stunning pictures from a dream place for academics.


David Frost – The Cambridge Liturgical Psalter – Audio

David Frost
Prof David Frost, IOCS in Cambridge, UK

The Psalms of David – Now as an AUDIO BOOK

A reading by the Principal of the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies, Professor David Frost, of the complete Book of Psalms (Cambridge Liturgical Psalter version) is now available as an audio book from AUDIBLE, price £14.49, but only £3.99 if you take out membership of Audible. The recording is also available from iTunes and Amazon.

Buying the Cambridge Liturgical Psalter Audio Book is another way you can help IOCS, because for every person who takes out membership and first orders the recording at reduced price, the publisher gets a bounty of $50! Purchase here 

IOCS in Cambridge – Doctoral Scholarship


Through the generosity of Dr Sebastian Koga, the Institute can offer a scholarship by competition, with all costs met, to bring a native of either

Iraq, or Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Israel and the Palestinian territories,

for three years’ study at the Institute for a doctorate of Anglia Ruskin University through the Cambridge Theological Federation. The expectation is that the successful candidate will return to his or her community as a teacher and prospective leader.

You may find HERE more details about this scholarship.


Tour of Cambridge

This is my favourite place in England.There is nothing more beautiful than Cambridge in Spring, on a sunny day.

I wish I could have studied there, though London was not be at all, either.

Religion and the Idea of a University – Anybody interested?

The Cambridge Inter-faith Programme, as part of its ‘Religion and the Idea of a University’ project, is running an essay prize. Win £200 for a 1,000 word essay on

the relation between the modern western university and theology or religion.

Closing date 31 January 2013.

For details see

We are also hosting an inter-disciplinary conference on the same theme, 3–5 April 2013. For the Call for Papers, see

For more information about the project, see

The Art of Writing a PhD

Writing a PhD dissertation is like being a painter in a football stadium trying to capture a beautiful picture of the entire crowd without missing the features of each individual. You get the picture: it is a difficult task. However, having access to Tyndale House is like having access to aerial satellite images that allow you to take a closer look at multiple parts of the stadium through a single zoom lens. Tyndale House, with its thousands of images covering any area in Biblical studies, provides the necessary tools for the researcher to paint a well-researched, beautiful work.

Beniamin Pascut, from Romania, PhD candidate at the University of Cambridge.

(From the latest Tyndale House newsletter)

How to Index A Book Semi-automatically

David Instone-Brewer, from Tyndale House in Cambridge, sends us regularly all sorts of invaluable advise on the use of technology in theological studies. His latest newsletter deals with creating semi-automatically a book index. Here is what he says:

Everyone has a book in them, but when you’ve finished it, the publisher will email you asking for an Index by yesterday. This will show you how to index semi-automatically. You can create a Subject index, a Scripture index (with everything in the right order) and any additional indexes in Word, without reading your book, and and format it just like the publisher wants. Quickly. Continue reading “How to Index A Book Semi-automatically”

Innovative teaching programme helps outreach of Orthodox Church

Written by Rebacca Lyman

A new teaching programme for adults on the Orthodox faith called ‘THE WAY’ is set to invigorate the outreach of the Orthodox Church in majority Orthodox countries such as Romania and amongst Orthodox diaspora in countries like the United Kingdom.

Created by the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies (IOCS) in Cambridge, England, this 12 session course will soon be made available through a CD box-set, containing a CD entitled ‘How to Run THE WAY’ with four DVDs of the original speakers, funded by World Vision.

Continue reading “Innovative teaching programme helps outreach of Orthodox Church”

On Education


Education concentrates the issues of who we are, how we hold together, where we are heading and whether this is the right direction.  There are inescapable theological, pastoral, and eschatological implications in these debates.
Dr Tim Jenkins, Dean of Jesus College, Cambridge.

(From today’s Friday Five – Jonathan Tame)

Jonathan Tame – Friday Five

Jonathan Tame

Jonathan Tame

Jonathan Tame is a good friend. He worked for many years with YWAM (Youth With a Mission). He lived for a few years in Iasi, where he was instrumental in creating Primul Pas, a crisis pregnancy centre, as well as Cluj, where he helped create Quo Vadis, a world-view cafe.

He lived lately in Geneva, where he supported our common friend the Romanian Svculptor Liviu Mocan in placing there his Invitation/Decalogue work.

Continue reading “Jonathan Tame – Friday Five”

“Cazul” Alin Cristea – 2

Alin cel straniu

Il cunosc pe Alin Cristea din toamna lui 1994, cind mi-a devenit student la ceea ce se numeste acum Universitatea Emanuel din Oradea. Ne-am intilnit, de asemenea, in vara lui 1996, cu ocazia unui program in cadrul caruia cei mai buni studenti ai universitatii (did you get it or should I be more explicit?) erau invitati sa lucreze tiomp de doua saptamini la lucrari de amenajare la Tyndale House, in Cambridge, Marea Britanie, avind apoi acces timp de o saptamina la biblioteca acestui faimos centru evanghelic de studii biblice,pentru a-si pregati lucrarea de licenta. Poate nu intimplator, atunci a inceput sa se prabuseasca, incetul cu incetul, visul pe care l-am construit, alaturi de Paul Negrut si de alti citiva colegi, de a face din Emanuel, cea mai buna scoala de teoloie evanghelica din estul Europei. Mare pacate acest vis s-a spulberat, desi era absolut realizabil, asa cum aratau lucrurile inainte de vara aceea. Dar despre toate acestea, poate, alta data.

Continue reading ““Cazul” Alin Cristea – 2”

IOCS Cambridge Summer School

IOCS Cambridge - summer school

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