How to Index A Book Semi-automatically

David Instone-Brewer, from Tyndale House in Cambridge, sends us regularly all sorts of invaluable advise on the use of technology in theological studies. His latest newsletter deals with creating semi-automatically a book index. Here is what he says:

Everyone has a book in them, but when you’ve finished it, the publisher will email you asking for an Index by yesterday. This will show you how to index semi-automatically. You can create a Subject index, a Scripture index (with everything in the right order) and any additional indexes in Word, without reading your book, and and format it just like the publisher wants. Quickly.

At first glance the instructions look daunting, but that’s only because I’m explaining it in detail.

Here is a section from real life for me: part of my Traditions of the Rabbis in the Era of the New Testament.

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Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

4 thoughts on “How to Index A Book Semi-automatically”

  1. Another amazing site that you present to us! I just looked through it and already found several posts that answer some of the technical online problems that I have been trying to solve, such as ‘Word processing on the web with automatic archive and backup for Google Docs’. I found their instructions to be much more user friendly than the technical websites I am familiar with. Then I saw the ‘Maps and Geography in Biblical Studies’ page, showing us how to make an interactive map; WOW! And there’s over a dozen other points in the index that are highly useful. Thanks again for sharing all this good stuff with everyone!


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