An Evangelical Introduction to the 2nd Edition of the Romanian Translation of ‘Three Views on Eastern Orthodoxy and Evangelicalism’



In the spring of 1995 I was coordinating the academic research programme at what has now become the Emanuel University of Oradea. At the first scholarly colloquium which I organised in this role I had the providential opportunity to come to know the Revd Professor Stelian Tofana, of the Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Cluj, and since then we have maintained an especially close bond. This accounts for our decision to share the writing of a Romanian preface to the second edition of this work: Orthodoxy and Evangelicalism. We are united both by a common interest in Eastern theology and spirituality, which each of us approaches from his own perspective, and by our firmly held personal conviction of the pressing need for theological and ecclesial dialogue between the different Christian traditions in our cultural context.

Over the years we have been involved together in many activities which have put flesh on the bones of these shared convictions. We have participated in academic conferences both within Romania (in Oradea, Cluj, Bucharest and elsewhere) and abroad (including Bossey, in Switzerland, and Durres in Albania) that have been organised both by Evangelicals and by the Orthodox; we have contributed to the resulting publications of their proceedings; we have joined in organising the promotion of books relevant to this dialogue; we have collaborated in spiritually-oriented training sessions for the staff of World Vision (an organisation I have been working for since December 1999); we have each sought to make more widely known within our own constituency the treasures of thought and spirituality to be found in the tradition of the other – and, last but not least, we have often enjoyed table fellowship in one another’s homes, which has provided occasions to celebrate what unites us in spite of the specific differences which define each of our ecclesial identities. Continue reading “An Evangelical Introduction to the 2nd Edition of the Romanian Translation of ‘Three Views on Eastern Orthodoxy and Evangelicalism’”

Centrul Schuman – Istorie, credinta ideologie – Timisoara, 17 decembrie

Istorie, credinta, ideologie - afis

Comunicat de presă

Dezbatere Istorie, credință, ideologie Continue reading “Centrul Schuman – Istorie, credinta ideologie – Timisoara, 17 decembrie”

11-18 august – Scoala de la Suceava

Iata o initiativa foarte interesanta, in care sunt implicati, ca organizatori sau lectori multi prieteni si oameni pe care-i pretuiesc in mod deosebit.

Redau mai jos, de pe blogul scolii, o scurta prezentare:

Convingerile noastre religioase nu pot ramane fara consecinte in spatiul public. Suntem, concomitent, și oameni și români și creștini și profesioniști. Nu putem lăsa nici acasă și nici în agora ceva din ceea ce suntem. Nu se poate ca optiunile noastre religioase să nu aibă efecte sociale și politice. Continue reading “11-18 august – Scoala de la Suceava”

Infruntind regimul totalitar comunist cu legea in mina


Dragi prieteni ai Centrului Areopagus,

Bine v-am regăsit după o vară călduroasă în care sperăm că aţi avut parte de odihnă şi un timp de calitate alături de cei dragi.

În deschiderea programului de toamnă al Centrului Areopagus vă invităm Joi, 8 septembrie 2011 de la ora 19:00 să luaţi parte la un dialog deosebit în cadrul forumului „Înfruntând regimul totalitar comunist cu legea în mână.” Continue reading “Infruntind regimul totalitar comunist cu legea in mina”

Two John Stott Stories

During the summer of 2001, while I was doing my PhD studies at London School of Theology, with support from Langham Scholarship, uncle John agreed to support an unusual project: providing funding for an Eastern Orthodox Biblical scholar from Romania for spending a number of weeks in doing research at the Tyndale House in Cambridge. Continue reading “Two John Stott Stories”

Second Day of Lausanne III Congress

Most of the music in the congress verges on the charismatic choruses for which I lost all taste lately. I long for the more reflective, creative and complex music in my church. Continue reading “Second Day of Lausanne III Congress”

Charles Villa-Vicencio la Areopagus – UPDATE!

Charles Villa-Vicencio

Charles Villa-Vicencio (sursa: Evenimentul zilei)

Miercuri, 1 iulie 2009, a avut loc la Centrol Areopagus din Timişoara, la ora 19.00 un forum cu Charles Villa-Vicencio şi Vladimir Tismăneanu cu tema “Dincolo de condamnare. Adevar şi reconciliere în perioada de tranziţie“. Discuţiile au fost moderate de Silviu Rogobete şi Dănuţ Mănăstireanu. AICI gasiti imagini de la acest eveniment.

De asemenea, cititi AICI comunicatul de presa al Ministerului Afacerilor Externe cu privire la vizita in Romania a Profesorului Villa-Vicencio, care recunoaste rolul jucat de World Vision in aceasta initiativa.

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