Back and on my way again

I was not able to write at all on this blog during the last ten days, as I have traveled with my team in Israel, Palestine and Jordan.

We have started with a three days pilgrimage at certain holy sites in Israel and Palestine, facilitated by my old friend (and my first boss in World Vision) Philip Hunt, and with the great support of S.N., my favourite guide in the (not so) holy land.

We continued with three days of the annual forum of my World Vision team. We enjoyed the presence of a number of representatives in WV support offices. One highlight of this meeting was the presentation of Fr. Jamal Khader, from Bethlehem University, on the church in Palestine, and a roundtable with a number of Palestinian church leaders on the situation of Christians in the Middle East.

We have ended our Middle East experience with a private visit to Petra. The picture above was taken in front of the great temple in Petra, the Nabatean stone city in Jordan.

I have many pictures to share from this trip but I wonder when will I have time to load them on this blog.

After a night without sleep and about half a day at home, here I am traveling again, this time for a regional WV conference in Albania. I am afraid I will not have much time for writing on the blog or for monitoring comments. I apologise for this in advance.


Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

One thought on “Back and on my way again”

  1. good to “see” you back. After several frustrating days trying to see if anything new is posted, we get to read of your trip,

    Enjoy and be safe.


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