Petra – City of Mysteries

Petra, the ancient rose red city carved in the mountains, is celebrating the 200th year since it’s rediscovery by Johann Ludwig Burckhardt in 1812.
This is the 3rd in a series of time lapse videos released by the Jordan Tourism Board.

Two and a half years ago I had the privilege of taking some of my team members in World Vision to visit Petra. It was an unbelievable experience. This amazing time lapse video reminded me vividly of that experience.


Mike Bailey – Locked out – Syrian refugees in Jordan

“There was terrible screaming in the middle of the night,” remembers Ishmail, a husband and a father of five. “I feared snipers so I didn’t go out.” The threat of snipers may have saved Ishmail’s life.

When dawn broke, he went to investigate the commotion that had woken him. Inside his neighbour’s house, he found the bodies of his neighbour’s six children still lying in a pool of their own blood. They had been killed in front of their parents.

That nightmare convinced Ishmail to leave his villa with its garden and roses, fountain and ducks. His wife didn’t want to go but that night changed everything. Now, two months later, she is glad they left. She has heard from friends who stayed how bad it is to be living under siege in their home village, just outside Deraa. Continue reading “Mike Bailey – Locked out – Syrian refugees in Jordan”

Back and on my way again

I was not able to write at all on this blog during the last ten days, as I have traveled with my team in Israel, Palestine and Jordan.

We have started with a three days pilgrimage at certain holy sites in Israel and Palestine, facilitated by my old friend (and my first boss in World Vision) Philip Hunt, and with the great support of S.N., my favourite guide in the (not so) holy land. Continue reading “Back and on my way again”

Dedication of Baptism Center at Bethany Beyond Jordan


David Coffey, President and Neville Callam, General Secretary of Baptist World Alliance have dedicated on March 20 at Bethany Beyond Jordan a Baptism Centre that will be owened by the Jordanian Baptists.  The centre was raised with funding provided by the Jordanian government. Continue reading “Dedication of Baptism Center at Bethany Beyond Jordan”

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