Amnesty International Turning into A Lobby for Pimps and Prostitution

Amnesty & Prostitution

Here is what we find out in a recent article published by The New York Times:

The question of what should be done about prostitution is as old as the profession itself, but the issue is now front and center again, as a leading human rights group proposes decriminalization, while some countries push toward harsher penalties for those who pay for sex.

In France, England and Ireland, lawmakers are considering new measures — and in the cases of Northern Ireland and Canada, are enforcing new laws — that impose penalties on clients, using a model adopted in Sweden in 1999.

But the effort to crack down on a largely male clientele while sheltering a mostly female work force is taking place just as the human rights group Amnesty International is advocating a new course: decriminalizing all prostitution, both for buyers and sellers.

At an international conference next week in Dublin, about 500 Amnesty delegates from more than 80 countries will vote on whether to advocate the elimination of all penalties for prostitution, based on “evidence that the criminalization of adult sex work can lead to increased human rights violations against sex workers.” The proposal has been denounced by women’s groups like the New York-based Coalition Against Trafficking in Women, and celebrities like Meryl Streep, Kate Winslet and Gloria Steinem.

It does not take lots of brain power and knowledge to understand that prostitution is based on the most lucrative criminal activity on earth – sex trafficking – whose main victims are women and children. So, did Amnesty International change from being a defender of human rights to being a promoter of sex trafficking?

A lot is at stake here, in terms of protecting women and children in our broken world. And we need to act fast. Or our world will become soon a vast prostitution house.

You may read HERE the proposed resolution that will be discussed this week in Dublin.

Here is the beginning of this petition:

This leaked Amnesty International proposal advocating for the full decriminalization of all aspects of prostitution violates the basic human rights and dignities of prostituted individuals. Not only does Amnesty International deny the inextricable link between prostitution and exploitation, violence, and trafficking, they seek to legalize men’s right to purchase sex with impunity – a goal diametrically in opposition to protecting “sex workers” from the gendered exploitation and violence endemic in prostitution.

The very use of commodities language in their proposal (i.e., “sex work”, “sex workers”) reveals AI’s commitment to the maximal capitalization of the “imperfect context” they themselves admit is the reason why so many individuals enter prostitution and become entrenched within its cycle of exploitation and abuse. The term “sex worker” is not only Orwellian, but an already positioned stance – one which sides with the pro-prostitution lobby, with its long documented history of silencing and abuse against persons speaking out against the horrors of this physically, sexually, emotionally, and economically exploitative “industry” that is the sex trade.

All “sex-workers” (both current and former) are survivors of this brutal system.
Not all survive.
This is why we must listen to survivors.

Please sign HERE the petition initiated by the web site against this criminal irresponsible initiative of Amnesty International.

Let us do as much as we can to stop this. For the sake of the poor and the marginalised.






Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

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