An Open Letter to Amnesty International Leadership

Amnesty International

I have unsubscribed today from your newsletters and from this day on I will stop supporting Amnesty International.
I cannot support an organisation that pretends to defend human rights (as it did, up to this point), but became a defendant of pimps and and a promoter of prostitution. I am afraid this is only the beginning of a slippery slope. What will you defend and promote tomorrow: infanticide? or paedophilia?
Of course, your organisation may defend whatever you decide. I can understand. We all need money. Many organisations, so to say, have ‘sold their soul to the devil’ for this. And of course, you can manipulate the facts to defend your position, as anybody without moral scruples would do.
You are free to do to it, too. But we are also free to move away and find more suitable causes and organisations to defend, ones that manifest integrity and high moral values, in their work.
As for you, I think you should be ashamed of your planned change of policy. And I hope many more people will stop supporting you, as I do now.
I am deeply disappointed. I hope you will wake up and return to defending the rights of the weak and the marginalised, not the interests of the most profitable criminal business on earth: human trafficking.
Dr. Danut Manastireanu
Iasi Romania

Amnesty International Turning into A Lobby for Pimps and Prostitution

Amnesty & Prostitution

Here is what we find out in a recent article published by The New York Times:

The question of what should be done about prostitution is as old as the profession itself, but the issue is now front and center again, as a leading human rights group proposes decriminalization, while some countries push toward harsher penalties for those who pay for sex.

In France, England and Ireland, lawmakers are considering new measures — and in the cases of Northern Ireland and Canada, are enforcing new laws — that impose penalties on clients, using a model adopted in Sweden in 1999.

But the effort to crack down on a largely male clientele while sheltering a mostly female work force is taking place just as the human rights group Amnesty International is advocating a new course: decriminalizing all prostitution, both for buyers and sellers. Continue reading “Amnesty International Turning into A Lobby for Pimps and Prostitution”

Criza financiara – Mesaj adresat guvernelor lumii

Dacă şi marii lideri ai finanţelor lumii apelează la
rugăciune, situaţia este cu adevărat gravă 🙂

15 octombrie 2008
Către: International Herald Tribune
Săptămâna trecută, guvernul american a oferit un ajutor suplimentar de 37,8 miliarde de dolari uriaşei companii de asigurări, AIG, aducând totalul împrumuturilor de salvare, doar pentru acea companie, la aproape 123 miliarde de dolari, în ultimele două săptămâni. Aceasta înseamnă cu 18 miliarde de dolari mai mult decât suma anuală a ajutorului pentru ţările sărace şi de două ori mai mult decât ar fi necesar pentru realizarea Ţintelor de Dezvoltare ale Mileniului (Millennium Development Goals) stabilite pe plan internaţional. În Europa, sumele pentru salvarea instituţiilor financiare au crescut şi ele. Guvernul britanic a utilizat o sumă suplimentară de 50 de miliarde de lire sterline pentru a recapitaliza sectorul bancar britanic, ceea ce reprezintă exact suma de care au nevoie anual ţările sărace pentru a se adapta la schimbările climatice.
Continue reading “Criza financiara – Mesaj adresat guvernelor lumii”

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