Calea – un nou catehism ortodox

“Calea” este un nou catehism ortodox care a fost creat de Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies in Cambridge, Marea Britanie. El foloseste metodologia creata de cunoscutul curs Alpha, dar continutul este in intregime ortodox.

Echipa care a lucrat timp de peste 7 ani la realizarea acestui program a fost condusa de decanul IOCS, Dr. David Frost. Proiectul are binecuvintarea episcopilor ortodocsi din Marea Britanie si a fost realizat sub autoritatea spirituala a IPS Mitropolit Kallistos Ware.

Lansarea oficiala a proiectului a avut loc pe 7 octombrie 2010 la biserica Sf. Botolph din Londra (vezi AICI). World Vision a contribuit financiar in ultima faza a acestui important proiect.

Videoclipul de prezentare are acum suntitluri in limba romana.

Publicarea acestuia precede vizita in Romania a Dr. David Frost si a sotiei lui, Dr. Mangala Frost, care va avea loc cu ocazia Congresului anual al programului “Hristos impartasit copiilor” din perioada 19-21 septembrie 2011, la invitatia coordonatorului programului, colegul meu Pr. Constantin Naclad.

Asa cum am anuntat deja, in mai multe rinduri, la initiativa si cu binecuvintarea Patriarhului Daniel, catehismul ortodox “Calea” este in prezent in proces de adaptare in limba romana.

Vizita in Romania a coordonatorului acestui program va impulsiona, fara indoiala, activitatea de adaptare a cursului si va contribui la o mai buna cunoastere a istoriei lui si a filosofiei pe care se bazeaza acesta, contribuind astfel la o mai buna receptare a acestuia in rindul a clericilor ortodocsi din Romania.


Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

5 thoughts on “Calea – un nou catehism ortodox”

  1. An interesting comment (from the UK Amazon page):

    an introduction to BYZANTINE orthodoxy., 25 Jan 2011
    DanielM – See all my reviews

    This review is from: How to Run the Way (DVD)
    This is certainly a 3 star product in my view.

    An an Orthodox Christian myself, I find that it is a great resource to have on hand when looking into the aspects of Orthodox Theology, and wishing to explain them or have them explained in an academic way. Such contributors as Met. Kallistos Ware are renowned for this. The effort put into it is a blessing upon the Orthodox Church for certain.
    It is also good for anyone looking into studying Eastern Orthodoxy, and wanting some introductory lectures to get them started.

    The reason I have given this 3 stars, not the 4/5 stars that my last paragraphs would suggest is that it is purely based upon the Byzantine rite, not the Non-Chalcedon Oriental Orthodox Christians, and the speakers do seem to candidly make some negative statements about their Oriental bretheren. Therefore, in my view it loses some credibility and can remind me of the hardline Russians I have ignored in the past. This is a shame, but is an issue that loses the set marks.

    I would advise it for personal use, and accompanied by reading, not as a full course for a community unless they are extremely insular about their faith.


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