Blessed are those who mourn


Mourning Angel – Geneva (Source: HERE)

Mourn my people, mourn.
Let your pain rise up in your heart and burst forth in you with sobs and cries.
Mourn for the silence that exists between you and your spouse.
Mourn for the way you were robbed of your innocence.

Mourn for the absence of a soft embrace, an intimate friendship, a life-giving sexuality.

Mourn for the abuse of your body, your mind, your heart.

Mourn for the bitterness of your children, the indifference of your friends, your colleague’s hardness of heart.

Mourn for those whose hunger for love brought them AIDS,
whose desire for freedom brought them to refugee camps, whose hunger for justice brought them to prisons.
Cry for the millions who die from lack of food, lack of care, lack of love.

Don’t think of this as normal, something to be taken for granted, something to accept….

Think of it as the dark force of evil that has penetrated every human heart, every family, every community, every nation,
and keeps you imprisoned.
Cry for freedom, for salvation, for redemption.

Cry loudly and deeply, and trust that your tears will make your eyes see that the kingdom is close at hand,
yes, at your fingertips.

(Henri Nouwen)


Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

2 thoughts on “Blessed are those who mourn”

  1. Uneori nu mai poti face nimic pentru contracararea raului facut. In acel caz plinsul cathartic este esential penyru supravietuirea in normalitate.
    Cred ca ti-ai dat seama ca acest indemn la catarsisul plinsului este legat direct de ceea ce am scris in postul anterior.


  2. “Mourn for the way you were robbed of your innocence.”
    “…the kingdom is close at hand, yes, at your fingertips.”

    Provocatoare ideea de a deplange “felul” in care ti s-a luat inocenta si nu actul in sine. Ca si cum era inevitabil.

    A afla adevarul prin emotii (lacrimi la propriu si la figurat) si nu prin creier, aici e intr-adevar calea spre Imparatia din noi.


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