Week of Prayer for the Persecuted Church in North Korea – 2nd Day

Day 2: The Lord Will Glorify His Church in North Korea

And I shall glorify My glorious house. Isaiah 60:7b

In the midst of any crisis across the globe, Brother Andrew challenges us to ask the question “Is there a church?” In the midst of the current tension on the Korean peninsula, and in the wake of the announcement of heir-apparent Kim Jong-Un as the expected successor to the ailing current president, Kim Jong-Il, we ask, “Is there a church in North Korea?”

Currently, there is a church of approximately 400,000 believers in North Korea, but it is far different from the church you and I know. The church there is persecuted mercilessly with approximately 50,000 to 70,000 Christians in labor camps because of their faith. It is risky to worship with other believers and to share one’s faith, even with family members. Singing and praying out loud or owning a Bible can result in death or severe punishment.

Despite virtually no freedom of religion in North Korea, the government has four “show” churches to demonstrate to tourists that there is freedom of religion in the country. There is one Catholic Church, one Orthodox Church and two Protestant churches in Pyongyang. North Koreans must receive permission to attend these churches and, according to the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) report titled “Thank You, Father Kim Il Sung,” the waiting list is very long.

The church in North Korea may be thought of as “desolate” because of its suffering and lack of visible strength. Our hope is that church in North Korea will once again be a place of light, beauty and glory. As we intercede for North Korea in faith we will see His beauty unfolding. His glory being revealed. His light dispersing the darkness. Yes, there is a church in North Korea…and she is faithful.


Read aloud Isaiah chapter 60 and pray for North Korea by using the Scripture as your prayer.

(Source, HERE)

Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

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