My Most Understanding Friend – A Canaan Hymn, by Xiao Min

If, after viewing The Canaan Hymns documentary, you have wondered how do Xiao Min’s hymns sound like and what are their lyrics, here is an example, the hymn ”My Most Understanding Friend’, inspired by “What a Friend We Have in Jesus.”

My Most Understanding Friend 
Music and lyrics by Xiao Min

Lord, You are my most understanding friend,
Lord, You are my dearest companion.
You are always on my mind, every day,
I long to see Your face.

At every stage of my life,
During each little pause in my life,
Your hand is always holding me,
Keeping me by Your side,

Telling me the path which I should take,
That I might not slide towards death!
How long, how wide, how deep and high is Your love!
From the depths of my heart, I am in awe!

With You, I need nothing else!
My heart is joined to Yours!
I have vowed to follow You and never change my mind!

(Source, HERE)

The Canaan Hymns

This is the amazing story of Xiao Min, a very gifted composer in the house churches in China.

This is part of a four episodes documentary titled ‘The Cross – Jesus in China’.