Dr. Russel Norman, An Atheist, on the Perenial Message of Christmas – A Remarcable Discourse

A recent discourse in the the Parliament of New Zealand, by the co-chair of the Green Party.

I wish I could hear this kind of discourse from our church leaders. If they cared at all. Which remains to be proven.

(Thanks to my friend Rob Kilpatrick for this link.)

Advent in Art – A Project of World Vision New Zealand

The 2010 Advent in Art card series is the result of what has now become a familiar process among the staff I work with at World Vision New Zealand.

In about September I start approaching staff in order to find four who are willing to select a piece of art relating to the Christmas story and talk about it in one of our weekly Chapel services during Advent. (2010 is a bit different in that I chose the art and then approached people to talk about it.)  These people are not necessarily public speakers, theologically educated, or students of art history. I am looking for a personal response to the story and the art. Continue reading “Advent in Art – A Project of World Vision New Zealand”