Welcoming the Stranger – Affirmations for Faith Leaders

The following statement was agreed on and prepared by UNHCR in cooperation with a number religious NGOs, including World Vision, Islamic Relief and others. This is a very important document guiding religious leaders in dealing with the growing problem of presence of refugees of various religious backgrounds in various countries all over the globe.

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A core value of my faith is to welcome the stranger, the refugee, the internally displaced, the other. I shall treat him or her as I would like to be treated. I will challenge others, even leaders in my faith community, to do the same.

Together with faith leaders, faith-based organizations and communities of conscience around the world, I affirm:

I will welcome the stranger.

My faith teaches that compassion, mercy, love and hospitality are for everyone:  the native born and the foreign born, the member of my community and the newcomer. Continue reading “Welcoming the Stranger – Affirmations for Faith Leaders”


Footprints, not Monuments

Dr. Valdir Steuernagel

“Footprints, not monuments”

A pastoral letter from Valdir Steuernagel, Theologian at Large, World Vision International

As we celebrate World Vision’s 60 years of service this year, we look back at our history and see that our main intention was not to build monuments. Rather, it was to leave footprints all over the world as we sought to enable ‘life in all its fullness’ – in the busy streets of Mexico, in the desert sands of Sudan, and in the snow-covered villages of Romania. A monument, according to William Faulkner, says ‘at least I got this far’. A footprint, on the other hand, says ‘this is where I was when I moved again’. Continue reading “Footprints, not Monuments”

World Vision in Coreea de nord

Tim Stafford, editor la Christianity Today, a publicat recent în această revistă un articol despre vizita făcută în luna iunie a acestui an, în Coreea de nord, împreună cu Dean Hirsch, Preşedintele World Vision International.

Relatările sale ne amintesc de cele mai negre vremuri din România lui Ceauşesscu. Citiţi AICI acest text. El nu este recomandat celor slabi de inimă.

Continue reading “World Vision in Coreea de nord”

Charles Villa-Vicencio in vizita in Romania – UPDATE!

Charles Villa-Vicentio

Dr. Charles Villa-Vicencio

Teologul si politologul sud-african Charles Villa-Vicencio va vizita Romania in perioada 29 iunie – 3 iulie, cu sprijinul organizatiei World Vision International.

Programul vizitei sale va cuprinde urmatoarele evenimente:

  • Luni, 29 iunie, Institutul de Cercetari Politice, Universitatea Bucuresti, la ora 17.00, impreuna cu Profesor Dr. Daniel Barbu si Prof dr. Cristian Preda
  • Marti, 30 iunie, or a18.00, Institutul Cultural Roman, impreuna cu Vladimir Tismaneanu, Ioan Stanomir, Silviu Rogobete si Mircea Mihaies
  • Miercuri, 1 iulie, `19.00, Centrul Areopagus Timisoara, impreuna cu Silviu Rogobete, Danut Manastireanu, Corneliu Constantineanu
  • Joi, 2 iulie, ora TBA, Universitatea de Vest din Timisoara, Ceremonia de decernare a titului de Doctor Honoris Causa, impreuna cu prof dr. Ioan Mihai, rector, Vladimir Tismaneanu si Silviu Rogobete

(Citiţi AICI prima parte dintr-un interviu dat de Charles Villa-Vicencio în urmă cu două zile ziariştilor de la Evenimentul zilei. A doua parte AICI.)