Vulnerability, Children and the Image of God – part 2 | fragments and reflections

Vulnerability, Children and the Image of God – part 2 | fragments and reflections.

This is the second part of David’s piece on vulnerability.

Thanks to Bill Prevette for the link.

Vulnerability, Children and the Image of God – part 1 | fragments and reflections

Vulnerability, Children and the Image of God – part 1 | fragments and reflections.

My friend David Chronic builds a case in this beautifully written and well argued text for redeeming ‘vulnerability’, viewed not as a curse, but as the gift of God to humanity.

Thanks a lot, David.

Note; There is also a second part to this text.

Revolutionary Silence: An Interview with Chris Heuertz : The Other Journal

Revolutionary Silence: An Interview with Chris Heuertz : The Other Journal.

Here is a very good interview with my friend Chris Heuertz, formerly with Word Made Flesh.
He is always worth reading.

Phileena Heuertz – Contemplative Activism as a Model for Mission

Phileena Heuertz, the beautiful wife on my friend Chris Heuertz (formerly with Word Made Flesh, now with Gravity – A Center for Contemplative Activism), is an passionate promoter of ‘contemplative activism’. They have graciously accepted to facilitate a retreat I have organised a few years ago on this topic in Cyprus.

I invite you to get your head (and heart) around this fascinating topic. And as you do it, hopefully, after you get teased by the little fragment I paste here, I would like to to also encourage you to browse through the website hosting Phileena’s article, called Q – Ideas for the Commmon Good. I assure you it is worth it. Here is now the beginning of Phileena’s text:

* * *

The signs of the time can be troubling. Poverty and exploitation, wars and terrorism, global warming and over-consumption plague our planet. Though there are marks of beauty, creativity, justice and peace, we have a long way to go before our world is fully redeemed. Being a part of an international community committed to serving Jesus among the most vulnerable of the world’s poor gives me an uncommon, intimate understanding of the ways in which our personal lives can impact another—either for good or for harm. Contemplative activism must root us in offering the good. Continue reading “Phileena Heuertz – Contemplative Activism as a Model for Mission”

Sa-i invatam pe copii drumul catre scoala

Buna ziua,

Fundatia Cuvantul Intrupat din Galati are depus proiectul : “Sa-i invatam pe copii drumul catre scoala” – proiect de sustinere a scolarizarii copiilor din familii defavorizate.
Detalii pentru cei care au conturi pe facebook:


Este nevoie sa va logati pentru a vota.
Dupa logare:
1. accesati: “Proiecte propuse de ONG-uri”
2. selectati de pe harta Judetul Galati
3. selectati proiectul “Sa-i invatam pe copii drumul spre scoala”
4. Votati

Multumesc in numele copiilor care, datorita dumneavoastra, vor putea merge la scoala.

Cristina Tudose Chelariu

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” Martin Luther King Jr. Continue reading “Sa-i invatam pe copii drumul catre scoala”

David Chronic si-a facut blog

David Chronic conduce lucrarea din Romania a organizatiei Word Made Flesh, o institutie umanitara pentru care am foarte mult respect. Ne-am intilnit pentru prima data la Iasi, in urma cu citiva ani, cu ocazia unui seminar de misiune urbana. David este casatorit cu o romanca, Lenuta, traieste la Galati (desi in acest an este in sabatic, si umbla prin lume) si isi termina acum un masterat in teologie la London School of Theology.

Poate ca din pricina acestei perioadei sabatice si a provocarii unura dintre prietenii sa, inclusiv Chris Heuertz, care conduce WMF, David a hotarit sa-si faca blog. Ii spun bun venit in blogosfera.

Blogul lui, scris in limba engleza, poate fi explorat AICI.

WMF Advent – Day 6 – Take the positive emotions to prayer

3 December 2010

Take the positive emotions to prayer.

Such was the advice of my spiritual director yesterday as I described my feelings to her about getting married in just over six weeks. I feel desired and accepted, I said.

Normally the negative emotions are the ones I take to prayer. The stress, the fear, the anxiety. I choose to welcome and experience them fully and then ask God to show me what is going on underneath. Maybe there is a memory or experience that is triggering these feelings and that needs to be healed.

But this time my spiritual director told me to take the positive emotions to prayer. How often do we ponder the moments that are glimpses of the Kingdom of God? she asked as I scribbled hurriedly in my journal. Maybe the moments in which we feel loved by another person are moments in which the Kingdom of God is breaking into our world. Continue reading “WMF Advent – Day 6 – Take the positive emotions to prayer”

WMF Advent – Day 5 – Chaos

2 December 2010

Except for a few hours of Christmas music and sitting near Sarah’s Christmas tree on Thanksgiving Day- I haven’t thought of Christmas at all. In between hectic schedules, visits to the hospital to stay with my sick friend, Bangla lessons, and trying to clean up my bedroom (at least a little) – I haven’t taken a moment to sit with the mystery of God entering into our world, into my world. Continue reading “WMF Advent – Day 5 – Chaos”

WMF ADvent – Day 3 – Mary & Joseph

30 November 2010

During the last Christmas season, staff from our Word Made Flesh (WMF) children’s home in Chennai, India, found a brother and sister living and working on a trash heap. Referred to as rag-pickers—a derogatory term that over-identifies the children with what they do rather than who they are—the small children were digging through garbage looking for anything they could eat. Continue reading “WMF ADvent – Day 3 – Mary & Joseph”

WMF Advent – Day 2

29 November 2010

Revelation 12

Becky Thada

For several years, I attended a church in West Michigan called “Mars Hill.” One Christmas the teaching pastor there, Rob Bell, preached from Revelation 12. I had never heard an interpretation of that passage paralleling the Christmas Story as told in the Gospels, but it seemed to piece together. It paints a more violent picture of our beloved Nativity scene.  The Gospels give us the observable events that took place surrounding Christ’s birth, but Revelation gives us a hint into the unseen spiritual battle.

Since hearing this interpretation of Revelation 12, I’ve seen Christmas a little differently. I see the baby laying quietly in a manger, but I also think of the miracle of Christ taking on flesh and yet remaining perfect, even under the great temptations that bombard us all. It keeps my eyes a little more perceptive to the warring that continues even now. Verse 17 says, “Then the dragon was enraged at the woman and went off to wage war against the rest of her offspring—those who keep God’s commands and hold fast their testimony about Jesus.”

In this Advent season, may we prepare our hearts to not only embrace the Christ child, but to dare to enter into the unseen, renewing our amazement at such an unlikely Savior.

Read on…

WMF Advent – Day 1

The web site of the development Christian organisation called Word Made Flesh started publishing daily meditations on this Advent. I will try to connect you daily, as much as possible, with this initiative. Here is the first one. Continue reading “WMF Advent – Day 1”

Working Together for What’s Right

Affirmation of inclusion in the body of Christ is the purest expression of denominations, but too often they encourage exclusion, says the international executive director of Word Made Flesh. Continue reading “Working Together for What’s Right”

Chris Heuertz on the ‘hole in our holism’

Then what is holism?

Throwing ourselves at the mercy of the whole gospel by celebrating the whole church so that the whole world might see us bear witness to hope in Christ must be our missional commitment. This is our aim and our ideal, but we must embrace this commitment humbly, as a goal rather than an announcement. Continue reading “Chris Heuertz on the ‘hole in our holism’”

David Chronic, from WMF, on ‘The Situation in Romania’

My friend David Chronic, who leads the ministry of Word Made Flesh (Cuvintul Intrupat) in Romania, based in Galati, has written an interesting evaluation of the situation of our dear and sad country (the source, HERE).

It is interesting sometimes to see yourself through the eyes of others. I hope you will find this reading interesting, even if painful. Continue reading “David Chronic, from WMF, on ‘The Situation in Romania’”

Submission – the way to genuine freedom and authority

“No man appears in safety before the public eye, unless he first relishes obscurity. No man is safe in speaking, unless he loves to be silent. No man rules safely, unless he is willing to be ruled. No man commands safely, unless he has learned well how to obey. No man rejoices safely, unless he has within him the testimony of a good conscience” (Thomas à Kempis, Imitatio Christi, 1. 20. 2).

One avva (a spiritual father) in the desert of Egypt asked his disciple to water every day a little branch that he planted in his garden. The stream was far away, and the disciple needed the whole day to get the water and come back. In spite of this, he submitted to the will of his master and faithfully did his duty every day. After a number of years, a beautiful apple tree grew from that branch. It blossomed and gave its fruit at the right time. Then, the avva called the other brothers in the monastery to celebrate and made them taste the sweet fruit of his disciple’s submission.

Continue reading “Submission – the way to genuine freedom and authority”

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