Palestinian Women in Ministry

Palestinian Women in Ministry– Panel led by Mae Cannon. Featuring: Diana Simaan, Dina Katanacho, Grace Zoughbi, Shadia Qubti

This was a very interesting panel discussion, led beautifully by my friend and colleague Rev. Mae Cannon.

At the end the moderator of the day asked another woman to pray for the ladies on the platform. I wish it was a Western Evangelical leader, who could have used that opportunity to ask forgiveness and repent for the theological misogyny that Western missionaries have brought with them in the land of Palestine, harming the life and ministry of these amazingly resilient women.


Shored Fragments – the blog of Rev. Dr. Steve Holmes

Dr. Steve Holmes

Although I have ‘befriended’ Dr. Steve Holmes for a while now on Facebook, I have realised only now that he has a theological blog. Mea culpa.

I have met Dr. Holmes in the late nineties and the first years after 2000, in the research seminar at King’s College London, where the head of the theology school there, the late Colin Gunton, allowed me to attend and even invited me to read a paper once. Steve was a lecturer there at the time.

Steve Holmes is now Senior Lecturer at the School of Divinity, University of St. Andrews, Scotland. He is also an ordained Baptist minister (you may find HERE more details about him. Continue reading “Shored Fragments – the blog of Rev. Dr. Steve Holmes”