Second Day of Lausanne III Congress

Most of the music in the congress verges on the charismatic choruses for which I lost all taste lately. I long for the more reflective, creative and complex music in my church. Continue reading “Second Day of Lausanne III Congress”

Footprints, not Monuments

Dr. Valdir Steuernagel

“Footprints, not monuments”

A pastoral letter from Valdir Steuernagel, Theologian at Large, World Vision International

As we celebrate World Vision’s 60 years of service this year, we look back at our history and see that our main intention was not to build monuments. Rather, it was to leave footprints all over the world as we sought to enable ‘life in all its fullness’ – in the busy streets of Mexico, in the desert sands of Sudan, and in the snow-covered villages of Romania. A monument, according to William Faulkner, says ‘at least I got this far’. A footprint, on the other hand, says ‘this is where I was when I moved again’. Continue reading “Footprints, not Monuments”

Valdir Steuernagel – More Partners at the Table

Valdir Steuernagel is Theologian-at-Large for World Vision International and a Lausanne Movement leader.

I met him for the first time in 1994, in Oradea, at a theological consultation. Hew was the person I was most impressed with at that event. He appeared to me as a passionate, imaginative and prophetic type of missions theologian. Continue reading “Valdir Steuernagel – More Partners at the Table”