Udo Middelmann – In memoriam Edith Schaeffer

Edith & Francis Schaeffer
Edith & Francis A Schaeffer

Edith Rachel Merritt Seville Schaeffer died on March 30, 2013 in her home in Gryon, Switzerland, where she had moved 13 years ago to be surrounded by memories, her music, her son’s paintings and the detailed care organized daily by her daughter Deborah Middelmann. She was born on November 3, 1914 as the third daughter of Dr. George Hugh and Jessie Maude Seville in Wenchau, China, where her parents ran a school for girls and taught the Bible in Mandarin.

Edith Schaeffer marked her life with the expression of rich ideas, often rebellious against the staid and superficial life she saw among Christians. The oldest sister became a communist in New York of the 30ies, the second eloped. Edith Seville married Francis August Schaeffer in 1935 and in no way was she the typical pastor’s or missionary wife. She turned her active mind to work with her husband, teaching first seminary wives to think and to question, to create and make of life something of integrity, as her husband so wanted her to do. Continue reading “Udo Middelmann – In memoriam Edith Schaeffer”

Edith Schaeffer

Francis & Edith Schaeffer
Edith & Francis Schaeffer

Am cunoscut-o pe Edith, soţia lui Francis Schaeffer, târziu, în 1991, în timpul unei conferinţe în Slovacia, organizată de organizaţia CARE din Anglia, cu participarea unui număr de ucenici ai lui Schaeffer.

Edith este autoarea unui număr de cărţi, dintre care cel puţin una este tradusă în româneşte. Evadarea din rutină sau arta de-a face din casă un cămin, Editura Logos, Cluj-Napoca, 2001.

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