Gao Zhisheng – Speaking from My Heart

ChinaAid has published recently an unknown text of the Chinese Christian dissident Gao Zhsheng, who is emprisoned by the communist regime in China for his defense of human rights in that country.

This text, which was discovered not long ago by Gao’s wife among his papers, and was carried by her to the US, when she escaped from China, is an introduction to a text entitled ‘Dark Night, Dark Hood and Kidnapping by Dark Mafia‘, published in January 2009, in which Gao describes the terrible experience of is 50 days of torture, in 2007, during his first emprisonment.

The text of the introduction was published in the US just a few days before the visit of Chinese President, Hu Jintau to that country. Here is the text: Continue reading “Gao Zhisheng – Speaking from My Heart”

David Gushee – Surprising debate on torture

It was an odd reunion last Wednesday at the Evangelical Theological Society meeting in Atlanta. I had reluctantly agreed to engage Dan Heimbach of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and Keith Pavlischek of the Ethics and Public Policy Center in a scholarly debate about the ethics of torture. Pavlischek, called away to serve in Afghanistan, was replaced by Mark Coppenger of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Thus it turned out to be an all-Baptist panel at the Hilton as the three of us presented papers and then dialogued with each other and a sizable audience. It is interesting, if not disturbing, to note that at an international gathering of almost 2,000 evangelical scholars, the three participants in a debate about torture were all current and former Southern Baptists. Continue reading “David Gushee – Surprising debate on torture”