Tony Blair Didn’t Pray With George Bush

DAVID FROST: But both you and he are are great, greatly men of faith and so on, I mean do you pray together?

TONY BLAIR: Pray together?


TONY BLAIR: How do you mean?

DAVID FROST: Do you say prayers together for peace, you and the President?

TONY BLAIR: Well we don’t say prayers together no, but I’m sure he in his way hopes for peace and I hope for peace too.

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Religion In Public Life

Tuesday, 24 July 2012 at 17.30 BST, Tony Blair will discuss the role of religion in public life alongside Archbishop Rowan Williams and  former Daily Telegraph editor Charles Moore.

Hear three of Britain’s most dynamic figures discuss  a topic relevant all over the world. What part should religion play in democratic society? How should democracy respond to the challenges – and protect the positive impact – that faith can bring? Tony Blair, the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams and Charles Moore will discuss the big issues around faith and its place in public life, offering insights from state, church and the media.

This event concludes the Westminster Faith Debates series co-organised by the Religion and Society programme at Lancaster University, ESRC and Theos which has focused on the impact of religion in modern society.

(Source, HERE.)

Religion’s Place in Liberal Democracy

Tony Blair and Senator John Kerry will join Professor Miroslav Volf and the students of Yale University’s Faith & Globalisation class to discuss the role of religion in liberal democracy.

Recent events around the world, from the USA to Egypt show the impact that faith can have on politics and political movements.

Tony Blair will be arguing that, “we need religion-friendly democracy and democracy-friendly religion. The time has come to put away the delusions: that faith is diminishing; that religion is not really what it’s about; that a debate about politics can be seriously conducted in the 21st Century without debating religion.”

Faith & Globalisation

From 09:00 – 10:30AM (EST) on Friday 2 December, Tony Blair and Senator John Kerry will join Professor Miroslav Volf and the students of Yale University’s Faith & Globalisation class to discuss the role of religion in liberal democracy.

Don’t worry if you can’t join them in person, you can tune in to this very special event online.

Watch it live here: Continue reading “Faith & Globalisation”

Tony Blair: Religion-friendly democracy and democracy-friendly religion

Tony Blair: Religion-friendly democracy and democracy-friendly religion | Comment is free |

This is a splendid article and, I suggest, an absolutely read. Here is just a few quotes:

There will be no peace in our world without an understanding of the place of religion within it. The past decade has seen many convenient myths, which disguised the importance of religion, stripped away. Many thought as society progressed, religion would decline. It hasn’t happened.

Then there are those that insisted that as the Arab revolution knocked over long-established regimes and created movements for democracy, so those societies’ religiosity would take second place to the new politics. It hasn’t happened. Religion is fundamental to those societies and if anything, in the foreseeable future, will become more so. And do we seriously think the issue of Jerusalem can be resolved without at least some discussion of its religious significance to all three Abrahamic faiths? Continue reading “Tony Blair: Religion-friendly democracy and democracy-friendly religion”

Tony Blair on God and Politics

Tony Blair (Picture: Time)

I have admitted already that I have always liked Tony Blair, even if I have never understood his support for Bush jr and the war in Iraq.

Now, that he has published his memoir, titled Tony Blair: A Journey, that I can hardly wait to read, we can find out more about his life and office.

Der Spiegel has just published an interview with Blair on this book, in which he also talks about faith and politics. Here is the beginning of it. Continue reading “Tony Blair on God and Politics”

Tony Blair – Why Faith Matters for Development

Tony Blair

The Tony Blair Faith Foundation, DFID, Islamic Relief, World Vision and Oxfam are working together to host 6 groundbreaking seminars to discuss the new perspectives emerging on Faith and Development.

On the 7th of September Tony Blair gave the key note address on why faith matters for development, chaired by Karen Armstrong.

Continue reading “Tony Blair – Why Faith Matters for Development”

Dedication of Baptism Center at Bethany Beyond Jordan


David Coffey, President and Neville Callam, General Secretary of Baptist World Alliance have dedicated on March 20 at Bethany Beyond Jordan a Baptism Centre that will be owened by the Jordanian Baptists.  The centre was raised with funding provided by the Jordanian government. Continue reading “Dedication of Baptism Center at Bethany Beyond Jordan”

McCain si Obama la Saddleback

Într-un mesaj trimis trimis în 22 iulie din San Paolo, Brazilia, către membrii bisericii sale, Saddleback Valley Church, pastorul Rick Warren, cunoscut autor al cărţii Purpose Driven Life (tradusă în româneşte sun titlul Viaţa condusă de scopuri) îşi anunţa congregaţia cu privire la faptul că sâmbătă 16 august, în cadrul Forumului Civic organizat cu regularitate de această biserică, va avea loc o întâlnire cu principalii candidaţi la preşedinţia Statelor Unite, senatorii John McCain şi Barack Obama. Continue reading “McCain si Obama la Saddleback”

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