Which is the most FAITHFUL translation of the Bible to the original texts? – 3

Which translations do I actually use?

From principle we are moving here to personal application and preference, and thus more subjective grounds.

I am still using the Cornilescu version in my cursory reading of the Bible in Romanian, although I am aware of its many weaknesses and I am convinced we need a new translation. Personally, I would prefer a modern ecumenical translation – one that Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants would gladly use in church and in private reading, much like the TOB in French, but the rift between the three major Christian traditions in Romania is too big at this particular point in time, and growing, which makes such hope unrealistic in this generation. I have also used a little the New Romanian Translation (NTR) of the UBS, but, in spite of its obvious strengths, and some weaknesses, too, I doubt it will succeed in convincing the very conservative Romanian Evangelical constituency. Continue reading “Which is the most FAITHFUL translation of the Bible to the original texts? – 3”

TOB – Traducerea ecumenica a Bibliei – 3

Revizuirile TOB

Prima reviziuire se face in 1988.  A doua in 2004 si a treia, de aceea vorbim de a treia generatie, s-a terminat la sfirsitul anului 2010.  Aceasta din urma prezentind citeva elemente noi.

In primul rind in ce ii priveste pe ortodocsi, introducerea a sase carti noi care exista in Biblia ortodoxa, dar nu exista nici in cea catolica si nici in cea protestanta, acestea fiind  3 si 4 Ezra si 3 si 4 Macabei. Aceste carti au fost introduse la sugestia lui Stefan Munteanu, profesor la Institului Saint Serge de la Paris. Iata o contributie romaneasca care ar trebui sa ne bucure. Continue reading “TOB – Traducerea ecumenica a Bibliei – 3”

TOB – Traducerea ecumenica a Bibliei – 2

Scurta prezentare istorica

In 1961 se prevede o revizuire a traducerii La Bible de Jérusalem.  Jean Starcky teolog catholic si André Morel, pastor protestant insista ca revizuirea poate fi facuta atit de catolici cit si de protestanti. Ideea parea utopica. La cele doua voici se adauga mai tirziu, 1964, aceea a lui Olivier Béguin de la Alliance Biblique Universelle, si acesta protestant, precum si Centrul Villemétrie care pregatea laici protestanti.

In 1964 se face prima incercare pe Epistola catre Romani, piatra de poticnire intre catolici si protestanti inca din secolul al XVI-lea.

In ianuarie 1965 cei care au lucrat la revizuirea Epistolei catre Romani isi dau seama ca munca lor a dat nastere la o noua traducere si astfel incepe prima traducere ecumenica a Bibliei. Proiectul este organizat de Georges Casalis (protestant) si François Refoulé (catolic). Continue reading “TOB – Traducerea ecumenica a Bibliei – 2”