Csontváry – My Favourite Expressionist Hungarian Painter

Csontváry - The Entrance at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem
Csontváry – The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem (1905)

About twenty years ago, while I was doing my theological studies at London School of theology in Northwood, UK, I found in a little charity shop a little reproduction (see above) of a well known painting of Tivadar Kosztka Csontváry, one of my favourite expressionist painters, which I have until today. I am surprised I have never shared about him on my blog. So, here it is.

Csontváry was a strange man; even a little bit crazy – some say he was a schizophrenic, which may have been true – but aren’t all true artists a little bit crazy?. Yet, he was a genius artist, I believe. His spirit, I would suggest, is very well represented by the painting below. Please take a minute a look at this painting, before reading the rest of this post. Continue reading “Csontváry – My Favourite Expressionist Hungarian Painter”