Maria Khoury – Letter from Taybeh – “the only all-Christian town in the West Bank”

It’s that special time of year where you simply want to wish everyone a
blessed holy Christmas celebration but I can?t help it that it?s the only
chance I get to remind my friends of the horrors that are still happening where
Christ was born. Every time I travel to Boston, I simply feel I am escaping from the day to day
misery of Israeli occupation and take a break from seeing the new illegal Israeli settlement
getting bigger in front of my kitchen window in Taybeh. By the way, Israel approved 4,000 new
settlement homes in East Jerusalem. These days, I cannot even get the Orthodox Churches
to invite me to speak about the Christian community in the Holy Land because people
‘don’t want to hear politics’. Although I don’t mean to be political but I am giving my life to promote
a Christian presence in the very land where Christ lived, was crucified and
resurrected for my salvation.
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Palestinian Christians Want A Peace Lamp in Every Church

Taybeh Village, in West Bank, Palestine


By Emma Halgren (*)

Its population may be dwindling, but the Palestinian village of Taybeh is striving to maintain normality in the midst of conflict, and hope in the midst of oppression.

Taybeh, 14 kilometres north east of Ramallah, is one of the few predominantly Christian villages in Palestine. Like villages all over the West Bank, it is suffering as many of its people decide to emigrate, seeing no other choice given the economic and physical hardship they suffer under Israeli occupation.

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