Dr. Muhammad Farooq Khan – A Pakistani Martyr for Peace

This is a very sad night for me. I have just received news that a good friend in Pakistan, Dr.Muhammad Farooq Khan, has been killed today in the Swat Valley. He was for a long time on the Taliban hit list, because of his moderate views. He was a good man and a man of peace. The world will be poorer without him. May Allah rest him in peace!

I have met Dr. Farooq a few years ago in Istanbul, at a Channels of Hope training. Channels of Hope is a World Vision programme training Christian and Muslim leaders on alleviation of stygma related to HIV & AIDS.

After this training, Dr. Farooq, a well known psychiatrist and a public personality of national stature in Pakistan, has been involved in training Muslim leaders in his country for using this effective methodology. Continue reading “Dr. Muhammad Farooq Khan – A Pakistani Martyr for Peace”

Et si les talibans étaient juifs?

Source: Le Figaro blog

Les talibans sont peut-être juifs… Du moins d’origine juive. C’est – en raccourci – ce que tente de vérifier le gouvernement d’Israël. Le ministère israélien des Affaires étrangères a décidé de financer des recherches visant à établir pour de bon si oui ou non, les Pachtouns (ethnie dont sont issus les talibans) descendent bien de l’une des dix tribus perdues d’Israël. Et c’est en Inde que s’effectueront ces recherches. Pour une raison évidente : elles sont impossibles à mener en Afghanistan et au Pakistan. Continue reading “Et si les talibans étaient juifs?”

The Refugee Crisis in Pakistan – UPDATE!

Pakistani refugees

As displacement crisis continues, Charlie Dokmo, MEER Regional Vice President, visits those trapped inside the conflict zone in northwest Pakistan

On May 18, Charlie Dokmo, MEER Regional Vice President, accompanied a World Vision team into Buner District in Pakistan’s Northwest Frontier Province to assist with the distribution of essential relief items to desperate displaced families.He also had meeting with potential partner organisations and the full team.

Continue reading “The Refugee Crisis in Pakistan – UPDATE!”

Crestini atacati de talibani in sudul Pakistanului


Voice of the Martyrs Canada anunta ca un grup de crestini au fost atacati in orasul Taiser, din sudul Pakistanului, de o multime de musulmani, asmutiti de talibani. In momentul atacului, crestinii stergeau de pe zidul bisericii o serie de grafitti jignitoare scrise de talibani. Trei persoane au murit in urma acestui incident.

Pentru detalii, citi AICI.

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