Jon Sobrino – A Distabilising Prayer

Catholic liberation theologian Jon Sobrino

My friend and colleague Tadeusz Mich mentioned a number of times a really destabilising prayer that his former professor, Jon Sobrino, used to utter at the beginning of the school year, to the dismay of his students. An incredibly creative way of birthing  interest in those who expected to hear something totally different. Finally, I have decided to share it with you.

How would you react if your theology professor would pray like this?

Oh, God, if you really exist,
Save my soul, if I have one.

How Is Christmas Celebrated in Poland

Christmas in Poland

Straw or hay, a reminder of Christ’s birth in a stable, is placed under a white linen tablecloth, which symbolizes Mary’s veil, which became the Babe’s swaddling cloth. The mother of the family places a lighted candle in the window to welcome the Christ Child. The eldest woman of the house places the blessed Communion-like wafers –- oplatki (oh-PWAHT-kee) -– on the finest plate she owns. Today, in a concession to tradition, many people place straw and evergreen sprigs on a serving platter covered with a fine white napkin on which the oplatki rest.

An extra place is set for any weary stranger who happens to pass by, in the same way Joseph wandered from home to home looking for a place for Mary to give birth.. Continue reading “How Is Christmas Celebrated in Poland”

Caritas in Veritate – A Synopsis

Pope BenedictXVI

I doubt many of us had the time and energy to read the last encyclica of Pope Benedict XVI, called Caritas in Veritate.

My World Vision colleague Tadeusz Mich has put together a synopsis of the recommendations offered in this papal document. Here it is, for those who are in need of this “shortcut”. Continue reading “Caritas in Veritate – A Synopsis”