CSW – Prayer Diary: Sudan

Sudan has been on our minds a lot this year with the case of Reverend Hassan, Reverend Kuwa, Mr Jašek and Mr Abdumawla, all of whom were on trial on unjust charges last year. The men went through many months of imprisonment, separated from their families and frequently enduring harsh conditions. But God is good – Rev Kuwa was found innocent of all charges and released in January 2017. Mr Jašek received a presidential pardon and was freed in February, and in May both Mr Abdumawla and Rev Hassan were set free after receiving a presidential pardon. This, of course, exists in a wider context of extreme pressure on Christians in Sudan: let’s pray through the things they’re facing this week (source, HERE). Continue reading “CSW – Prayer Diary: Sudan”


World Watch Monitor – Sudan’s Death Row Mother Freed Again

Meriam Ibrahim and children

Meriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese mother imprisoned for six months and released from death-row charges for apostasy, was released for the second time on Thursday night.

She had been re-arrested less than 24hrs after being freed by the court, after being driven to the airport in a US Embassy car with her family.

Ibrahim, along with her family, was hoping to travel to the US via South Sudan – which gained its independence from Sudan in 2011 – as there are no direct flights.

This time, she was released from police custody, and is currently in the US embassy with her family, said Ibrahim’s lawyer, Mohaned Mustafa.

Ibrahim was released on the condition that she remains in Sudan. She told BBC Arabic that her ‘future is in the hands of God’, and that she just wants to spend time with her young family.   Continue reading “World Watch Monitor – Sudan’s Death Row Mother Freed Again”

Please Pray – Meriam Ibrahim Arrested One Day After Leaving Prison

Meriam Yehya Ibrahim and husband

One day after being released from prison, Meriam Ibrahim has been arrested again, attempting to leave Sudan, according to several news sources.

Citing unnamed sources, the BBC reported: “About 40 security agents detained Mrs Ibrahim – along with her husband Daniel Wani and two sons – at the airport, the sources said.”

Bloomberg reported that Ibrahim and her family were attempting to take a flight out of the country. That was affirmed by Tina Ramirez, president of Hardwired Inc., a nonprofit organization that provides legal training to young people to advocate for freedom of conscience and belief. It has legal contacts in Sudan and elsewhere. Continue reading “Please Pray – Meriam Ibrahim Arrested One Day After Leaving Prison”

Sudanese Meriam Yehya Ibrahim Ishag gave Birth on the Death Row

Meriam Yehya Ibrahim and husband
Meriam Yehya Ibrahim and her husband

Meriam Yehya Ibrahim Ishag, 27, gave birth to a baby girl at a prison near Sudan’s capital, Khartoum.

She is allowed to nurse her new-born baby for two years before the death sentence is fulfilled and her 20-month-old son has been in prison with her since she was arrested.

Meriam, a wife and mother of two, is awaiting the death penalty and 100 lashes for refusing to renounce Christianity and allegedly committing adultery according to national law. Continue reading “Sudanese Meriam Yehya Ibrahim Ishag gave Birth on the Death Row”

Death Sentence for Sudanese Pregnant Woman is Miscarriage of Justice





For Immediate Release

May 16, 2014

Death Sentence for Sudanese Pregnant Woman is Miscarriage of Justice

The sentencing to death of an eight month-pregnant Christian woman for her alleged conversion from Islam, and to 100 lashes for having relations with her husband, is blatant violation of not only international human rights laws and Sudan’s own constitution, but also Islam and Sharia, WEA-RLC asserts.

“The court has sentenced you to be hanged till you are dead,” Judge Abaas Al Khalifa told 27-year-old Meriam Yahia Ibrahim, who also has a 20-month-old son, after Islamist crowds shouted for the court to punish her on Thursday (May 15), according to the Morning Star News.

“I am a Christian, and I have never been a Muslim,” Ibrahim replied to the judge.

The young mother was convicted on April 30, and on May 11 she was given three days to recant her Christian faith. Continue reading “Death Sentence for Sudanese Pregnant Woman is Miscarriage of Justice”

World Vision’s Call to Prayer for Sudan Referendum: 9-12 January 2011

We are asking you to consider upholding in prayer the country of Sudan next week for one hour. We want to cover the election process with the prayers of God’s people all around the world for duration 24/7 of the voting. We know that it was the gracious act of God to respond to the prayers of God’s people for a peaceful resolution in South Africa and we ask this again for Sudan. Let’s join hearts, hands and prayers together and plead before our Lord his mercy and grace upon this land. To do this we are asking you to register your commitment to pray for one hour on this link. Please forward this to as many people and prayer networks that you know.

For instructions on how to use this website link please open the attachment at the end of this message. Continue reading “World Vision’s Call to Prayer for Sudan Referendum: 9-12 January 2011”

Cele mai putin libere locuri din lume


Săptămânalul Foreign Policy publica pe 2 iulie un remarcabil fotoreportaj intitulat  “The Least Free Places on Earth”.

Vă invit să citiţi AICI textul scurt şi incisiv. Şi, mai ales, să vedeţi fotografiile extrem de relevante.

Continue reading “Cele mai putin libere locuri din lume”

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