Strajerul (Watchman) Church in Iasi, Romania – Request for Support

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Dear Believers in Our Lord Jesus Christ,

We address you through this letter in a most important moment in the life of our community and we hope that the dialogue we engage in now would contribute to the development of our church’s ministry.

We are a Pentecostal church in IASI (a university city and therefore a transit place for many young people), recognised by the Romanian state, in accordance with the law.

Strajerul [meaning Watchman] Church is a local church which lives an actual communitarian way of life and which values each person as created in the very image of God; a community which uses spiritual values to actualise and transmit the Christian message in its universality and integrity; a local church which communicates with other churches and denominations in order to be in communion with the richness and diversity of the CHURCH.

As a local church, Strajerul community seeks to communicate the message of Scriptures to all social and age categories, however with a special concern for the younger generation, which appears to be in a serious value crisis. Continue reading “Strajerul (Watchman) Church in Iasi, Romania – Request for Support”