Ken Read – St Patrick’s Breastplate

A song by Ken Read performed by Cincinnati Christian University’s World Music Worship Ensemble at the 2007 National Missionary Convention.

St. Patrick’s Creed

sf.patrick - final

Because there is no other God
nor ever was nor will be in future days,
other than God who is unbegotten Father,
without beginning,
yet from whom is all beginning
and who holds all things in being
as we have come to learn; Continue reading “St. Patrick’s Creed”

A Belated Happy St Patrick’s Day to All My Friends


Christ before me,
Christ behind me;
Christ within me,
Christ beneath me,
Christ above me;
Christ to the right of me,
Christ to the left of me; Continue reading “A Belated Happy St Patrick’s Day to All My Friends”

The History of Saint Patrick – a Short Story

A Life of St Patrick for Children

Amusing cartoon which explains the key facts in the life of Saint Patrick and why we celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day on 17th March.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

March 17th is the celebration of St. Patrick’s day.

I wish a happy St. Patrick’s day to all my friends for whom St. Patrick is a spiritual inspiration.

Allow me also to share with you on this happy day a beautiful Celtic blessing.

* * *

May Christ and His Saints stand between you and harm.
Mary and her Son.
Patrick with his staff.
Martin with his mantle.
Brigid with her veil.
Michael with his shield.
And God over all with His strong right hand. Continue reading “Happy St. Patrick’s Day”

The Deer’s Cry – A Prayer of St. Patrick

Continue reading “The Deer’s Cry – A Prayer of St. Patrick”

St. Patrick’s Day at the Anglican Church in Bucharest

On Thursday, 17 March, at 1pm, the (Anglican) Church of the Resurrection in Bucharest, at  Xenopol, 2, Sector 1 (close to the British Embassy) will organise an ecumenical worship service for St. Patrick’s Day. A new ikon of St. Patrick will be dedicated for the church on that occasion.

Rev. Patrick Irwin

Together with Fr. Irwin, the priest of our church, I would like to invite all my friends in Bucharest, who are interested, to join us in this ecumenical service and in this joyful celebration of the patron Saint and Enlightener of Ireland. If you don’t know it already, green is the colour of the day! Continue reading “St. Patrick’s Day at the Anglican Church in Bucharest”

St. Patrick’s Creed

We believe, O God of all gods,
that you are the eternal God of life.

We believe, O God of all peoples,
that you are the eternal God of love. Continue reading “St. Patrick’s Creed”

Lent and Easter Wisdom from Thomas Merton


Reconcile today Lord Jesus,
all things and me to your Father in the power of the Holy Spirit
whom you have sent to renew us in freedom and joy
through the mystery of your resurrection from the dead.

In the words of St. Patrick, hear my Easter prayer:

“Christ, as a light, illumine and guide me.
Christ as a shield, overshadow and cover me.
Christ, be ever over me.

Christ be under me.
Christ be beside me, on left hand and right.
Christ, this day be within and without me.

Christ, the lowly and the meek.
Christ the all-powerful.

Be in the heart of each to whom I speak.
In the mouth of each who speaks to me,
in all who draw near to me, or hear me, or see me.”


(With thanks to Martin Jacques)

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