St Andrews Cathedral – 1318

Here is a fascinating animation video of a medieval Scottish cathedral. Thanks to Alan Torrance for the link.

A recreation of the St Andrews Cathedral as it was in 1318. Today the remains of St Andrews Cathedral only hint at its former glory. The Open Virtual Worlds group at the University of St Andrews, in collaboration with Professor Richard Fawcett from the school of Art History, have used Virtual World technology to create an interactive reconstruction of the Cathedral as it was when first built.

The model is available online. If you wish to explore it for yourself simply create a login and connect to the Apollo grid using a virtual world client.

To create a login: (once completed you will be given a link to download a virtual world client).
The apollo grid can be found at:

NT Wright – Kingdom, Power and Truth: God and Caesar Then and Now

St Andrews University: Distance Learning Programme
‘The Bible and the Contemporary World’
Special Lecture by Professor N. T. Wright, St Mary’s College
Tuesday September 14 2010, 6.30 pm

Kingdom, Power and Truth: God and Caesar Then and Now


I am very grateful for the invitation to lecture this evening, and for the welcome you have given me. This is in no sense an official inaugural lecture – there may be time for that in due course; but I couldn’t resist the invitation to say something as part of a series on ‘the Bible and the contemporary world’. I have spent most of my adult life trying to hold the Bible and the contemporary world together and to discern the ways in which what most Christian churches call ‘the authority of the Bible’ actually impinges on the real world rather than merely on the private reality, or even the virtual reality, of a Christian existence which has detached itself from that world. Conversely, I have tried to discern ways in which the questions of our own day, framed in their own terms, can be brought to the Bible in the hope of finding, if not exact and complete answers, at least wisdom by which to take matters forward. I was delighted to hear of the distance learning project which was taking exactly this double topic as its theme this summer; and my mind went at once to one of the most remarkable of the conversations which Jesus has with an individual in John’s gospel, that final and fateful dialogue with Pontius Pilate in John chapters 18 and 19. I shall try to suggest this evening that this conversation contains within it the key elements of several of our most urgent and thorny public debates right now, and that reflecting on it in the light of them, and them in the light of it, may help us both to understand John’s gospel a bit better and to address our contemporary issues with a more biblically grounded Christian comment. I shall then offer some concluding reflections on the sort of exercise I have been undertaking, not for the sake of navel-gazing but because some remarks on method, in the light of some actual practice, may be of interest or even of value to those taking the present course. Continue reading “NT Wright – Kingdom, Power and Truth: God and Caesar Then and Now”

N. T. Wright appointed to Chair at St Andrews

I have just found out, from an announcement made on Facebook by David Neff, from Christianity Today, that NT Wright, the famous Biblical scholar, has decided to leave his position as Anglican Bishop of Durham (on 31 August) and return to the academia, holding a Chair as Research Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at the University of St. Andrews, in Scotland.

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