Richard Rohr – A Case for the Necessity of Conversion

Conversion of St Paul

Michelangelo – Conversion of St Paul (detail)

Fr Rohr is sharing with us these days on his daily meditations a series of 57 reflections on the seven underlying themes of his teachings.

The meditation he sent to us today is one that may disconcert some people, both among those who idolise the text of the Bible and among those who view spirituality as something esoteric and disconnected from the life of God.

So, here it is. Warning: Bridle yourself for a rough ride.

* * *

The sacred texts of the Bible are filled with absolute breakthroughs, epiphanies, and manifestations of the highest level of encounter, conversion, transformation, and Spirit. The Bible also contains texts which are punitive, petty, tribal, and idiotic. A person can prove anything he or she wants from a single line of the Bible. To tell you the truth, the Bible says just about everything you might want to hear—somewhere! This is a sad and humiliating recognition. But you can relearn your way of reading Scripture in a prayerful, calm, skillful, and mature way. Then you can hear with head and heart and Spirit working as one, and not just a search for quick answers. Continue reading “Richard Rohr – A Case for the Necessity of Conversion”

Miercurea cenusii – chemare la pocainta si (re)convertire


Astăzi se celebrează, în tradiţiile creştine occidentale, catolică şi protestant magisterială, aşa-numita “Miercure a cenuşii”, sărbătoare care marchează începutul postului mare (Lent). Cu această ocazie, credincioşii sunt marcaţi pe frunte cu semnul crucii făcut cu cenuşa frunzelor de palmier primite simbolic în ziua de Florii a anului anterior.

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Rugaciune de dimineata – Pr. Arsenie Boca


Doamne Isuse Cristoase,
ajută-mă ca astăzi toată ziua
să mă lepăd de mine însumi,
că cine ştie din ce nimicuri mare vrajbă am să fac
şi astfel, ţinând la mine, să te pierd pe tine.

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Botezul lui Isus in pictura universală


Cima da Conegliano Continue reading “Botezul lui Isus in pictura universală”

When I Say I Am A Christian


When I say, “I am a Christian”
I’m not shouting, “I’ve been saved!”
I’m whispering, “I get lost!
That’s why I chose this way”

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Guard Your Eyes


Zilele astea, navigind pe web am gasit un site foarte interesant.

Este vorba de o comunitate virtuala iudaica consacrata curatiei morale si eliberarii de diverse adictii.

Va invit sa explorati si voi acest site special. Il gasiti AICI.

Spiritual Legacy

It is not what you leave
behind that is your legacy,
but whom you leave behind