Richard Rohr – Start With A Stone. Becoming Human Before Becoming Spiritual

Abraham Maslow points out in his “hierarchy of needs” that one cannot meet higher needs at any level of depth if the lesser needs are not first tended to. One cannot do an “end run” to levels of communion and compassion, for example, when one’s basic security and survival needs have not been met. As Jesus might put it, when you are “worried about many things” (Luke 10:41) you cannot have faith. When you cannot enjoy the lilies of the field or the sparrows in the sky, don’t waste time thinking you can enjoy God or respect people at any depth. So, start at the bottom if you can, and try to love a rock! If you can do that, it only gets bigger, wider, higher, deeper, and better. Continue reading “Richard Rohr – Start With A Stone. Becoming Human Before Becoming Spiritual”

Generation Wandering by Martin E. Marty

Generation Wandering by Martin E. Marty.

‘Religious’ vs, ‘spiritual’ and the wonmdering of the young generation.

A discussion by Martin Marty on the uselessness (in terms of reaching the young generation) of some contextualization strategies of contemporary churches.

I would strongly suggest that secularization is not so much an expression of the crisis of faith, as it is one of the crisis of the church (as institutionalized religion), that continues to grow more irrelevant as time goes on.

Fr. Rohr on being ‘fully human beings’ vs. being ‘spiritual beings’

The human journey is not about becoming spiritual beings nearly as much as becoming fully human beings, which is actually much harder. We are already spiritual beings from the moment of our conception; we just don’t know it yet. The Bible tries to let you in on the secret, by revealing God in the ordinary. That’s why so much of the text seems so mundane, practical, specific and, frankly, unspiritual! (Most Catholics stopped reading the Bible for this very reason, and many New Agers do the same.) Continue reading “Fr. Rohr on being ‘fully human beings’ vs. being ‘spiritual beings’”

20 septembrie 1974 – Notă informativă „Barbu Ionel”

Inf.[ormatorul] „Barbu”
20 noiembrie 1974 – Notă informativă
C[asa]. „Dimitrov”

Notă informativă

20 IX 1974

Dănuţ Mînăstireanu se ocupă mai îndeaproape cu problemele religioase. Citeşte mult, se interesează de lucrurile de fond spirituale şi se vorbeşte încă că se roagă f. mult. [1]

Caută relaţii cu credincioşi şi pastori pe care-i consideră mai spirituali. În ţară simpatizează pe XXXXX [Visky Ferenc] de la Oradea, XXXXX [Ţon Iosif] de la Ploieşti şi pe un pastor XXXXX [Olah Liviu] de la Oradea. [2]

Continue reading “20 septembrie 1974 – Notă informativă „Barbu Ionel””

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