The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment – Chapter 1

The discipline of spiritual discernment

Review of “Chapter 1: A Call to Discernment”

by Joel Taylor, World Vision Lebanon

Evident from the title, this chapter emphasizes the direct link between discernment and spiritual maturity. According to Challies, lack of discernment equates to immaturity, backsliding, or spiritual death. Conversely, the presence of discernment means maturity, growth, and spiritual life. Through it all, the author is encouraging the reader to pursue discernment, in line with Biblical instruction. He draws upon two key passages, 1 Kings 3:6-9 and Hebrews 5:11-14, and rightly identifies the importance of discernment, which he defines as “thinking biblically about life” (15). Continue reading “The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment – Chapter 1”

Richard Rohr on Spiritual Discernment

The spiritual gift of discernment (1 Corinthians 12:10) is when seemingly good things can be recognized as sometimes bad things, and seemingly bad things can also be seen to bear some good fruit. Darn it! Discernment has largely been undeveloped among ordinary Christians, except among those good Jesuits! It invites people into “yes/and” thinking, rather than simplistic “either/or” thinking. This is the difference between merely having correct information and the true spiritual gift of wisdom (1 Corinthians 12:8). Both knowledge and wisdom are good, but wisdom is much better. It demands the maturity of discernment, which is what it takes to develop a truly consistent ethic of life. I admit the vast majority of people are not there yet. Continue reading “Richard Rohr on Spiritual Discernment”