Christians in Somalia Bear the Brunt of Al-Shabaab’s Terror

WEA-RLC Research and Analysis Report

September 16, 2011
The decapitated body of a Christian man, Juma Nuradin Kamil, was found in Bakool region of southwestern Somalia on Sept. 2. The killing, one of the numerous such incidents in recent years, comes at a time when tens of thousands of Somalis have died, and about 750,000 more are at risk of death, some of them Christians who are being denied aid, in the wake of the 21st century’s worst drought in the Horn of Africa.
The Christian, whose head was severed and put on his chest, was killed by the Harakat al-Shabaab al-Mujahideen (Mujahideen Youth Movement), commonly known as al-Shabaab, an al-Qaeda-linked terror group that controls and runs a de facto “government” in most of southern Somalia. The group is also restricting international aid from reaching the starving population in territories under their control, especially to the Christians, WEA-RLC has learnt. Continue reading “Christians in Somalia Bear the Brunt of Al-Shabaab’s Terror”

Islamic Militants in Somalia Murder Christian Leader

NAIROBI, Kenya (Compass Direct News) – Islamic extremists shot the leader of an underground church to death outside the capital city of Somalia this month and have threatened to kill his wife, his tearful widow told Compass.

Having learned that he had left Islam to become a Christian, Somali militants from the Islamic extremist al Shabaab murdered 41-year-old Mohammed Ahmed Ali at about noon on Jan. 1, Amina Ibrahim Hassan said. Continue reading “Islamic Militants in Somalia Murder Christian Leader”

Christian Woman in Somalia Killed for Refusing to Wear the Veil


According to an October 27 report from Compass Direct, Amina Muse Ali (45) was murdered in her home in Galkayo, Puntland region, Somalia on the evening of October 19 by three masked members of Suna Waljameca, a militant Islamic group. Ali had earlier received threats from militants for not wearing a veil to show her adherence to Islam.

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Cele mai putin libere locuri din lume


Săptămânalul Foreign Policy publica pe 2 iulie un remarcabil fotoreportaj intitulat  “The Least Free Places on Earth”.

Vă invit să citiţi AICI textul scurt şi incisiv. Şi, mai ales, să vedeţi fotografiile extrem de relevante.

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