Shane Clairborne – The Barriers That Divide

I  continue here the series of video recordings of presentations made at the Christ at the Checkpoint conference in Bethlehem, in March 2012.

Shane Claiborne (born July 11, 1975) is one of the founding members of The Simple Way in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This community was featured on the cover of Christianity Today as a pioneer in the New Monasticism movement.[1] Claiborne is also a prominent activist for nonviolence and service to the poor.

The Separation Wall in Palestine

A short film by Porter Speakman, Jr. for the “Christ at the Checkpoint Conference 2012”. “The Separation Barrier” looks at the details behind the Barrier that Israel is constructing in the West Bank and how it affects everyday people. Looking at the route of the wall – is it for security?

An Unholy Wall in the Holy Land | Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

An Unholy Wall in the Holy Land | Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove.

Here is a quote:

I am reminded of one of the talks at the Christ at the Checkpoint conference there in Bethlehem last week. Sami Awad, one of the Palestinian Christian leaders and one of the conveners of the conference, shared his dream for an end to the Separation Wall. And he said that it may seem impossible, but God is a master of the impossible. The image that came to mind was the fall of the Jericho wall (Joshua 6 in the Bible), which crumbled without a single weapon being raised – it fell from the prayers, celebration, dancing and music, and nonviolent marching of God’s people… chanting down the walls.

Then Sami shared something deeply personal. He felt God calling him to a pilgrimage to the land and sites of the Holocaust. So he went – to Auschwitz and the concentration camps, to the museums and memorials. Sami shared about what happened in him as a Palestinian, as he learned the history and felt the pain of the Jewish people. It was deep, moving. Then he said something I will never forget. There came a moment when he realized that the wall was not built out of hatred but out of fear, and that made all the difference in the world.
It certainly doesn’t make the wall any less ugly or justify any of the terrible things being done to Palestinians… but knowing that the wall is driven more from fear than by hatred humanizes those on the other side. And it also gives us hope that someday the wall can come down because love can overcome fear. There’s a great verse in the Bible that says: