David Brooks on Charles Taylor’s ‘A Secular Age’

David Brooks

I paste below a few excerpts from an excellent article by David Brooks, in the New York Times, on Charles Taylor’s masterpiece on our secular age.

Taylor’s investigation begins with this question: “Why was it virtually impossible not to believe in God in, say 1500, in our Western society, while in 2000 many of us find this not only easy but even inescapable?” That is, how did we move from the all encompassing sacred cosmos, to our current world in which faith is a choice, in which some people believe, others don’t and a lot are in the middle?

This story is usually told as a subtraction story. Science came into the picture, exposed the world for the way it really is and people started shedding the illusions of faith. Religious spirit gave way to scientific fact.

Taylor rejects this story. He sees secularization as, by and large, a mottled accomplishment, for both science and faith. Continue reading “David Brooks on Charles Taylor’s ‘A Secular Age’”

40 Years in the Desert – 6. Christian Social Responsibility 3

6.3 Obsession with ‘Full-time Ministry’

Many Christians entertain a dualistic view of life and ministry. For them, to be a minister or a missionary is the highest calling in life, while being a good artist or computer scientist is for sure second best. We call this the unbiblical obsession with so-called ‘full-time ministry’. This means that if you are a professional minister in the church or work for a missionary agency you are serving God full-time. Continue reading “40 Years in the Desert – 6. Christian Social Responsibility 3”

Orthodoxie vs ortodoxie – 10 – Rolul laicatului in Biserica

Orthodoxie vs ortodoxie

Unul dintre fenomenele cele mai interesante, pe plan spiritual, din ultimii ani, în România, este fără îndoială reintrarea laicilor în viaţa activă a Bisericii. …Resurecţia laicatului reprezintă, după mine, speranţa majoră a BOR. În a treia parte a articolului de faţă doresc să mai insist asupra acestui motiv de speranţă…

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