Sayed Mussa, the Afghan Convert to Christianity, Is Free

I am quite late with this good news. Yet, better later than never.

The Afghan authorities announce that Said (or Sayed) Mussa, the Muslim Afghan who was arrested and risked to be executed for converting to  Christianity was freed, following pressure coming from the US government and many international human rights organisations. Thanks be to God.

You may rea the announcement of this happy conclusion of the affair in the New York Times.

Afghan Rights Fall Short for Christian Converts

Published: February 5, 2011

KABUL, Afghanistan — The jail commander had remained silent as the prisoner, Sayed Mussa, told a reporter about his journey from Islam to Christianity: his secret baptism nine years earlier, his faith in Jesus Christ and the promise of heaven.

But when Mr. Mussa said he believed in the Bible but also loved the Koran’s teachings, it was too much. “So you love the Koran and the Bible?” the commander broke in incredulously. “What kind of love is this?”

A guard thumbing Muslim prayer beads squared his shoulders and started to rise. “You want me to beat him?” he asked. Continue reading “Afghan Rights Fall Short for Christian Converts”