World Vision – A Call to Prayer for Peace in Syria

On Sept 7, starting 7 pm until midnight at St Peter’s Square (Italy UTC + 01:00), Pope Francis asked each and every religious person and those against war to join him “gather together in prayer, in a spirit of penitence, to ask from God this great gift [of peace] for the beloved Syrian nation and for all the situations of conflict and violence in the world.”
Pope Francis, pontiff of the Roman Catholic church, has called on all people of faith, regardless of religious sect or affiliations, to observe Sept 7 as a global day of prayer and fasting for Syria  condoning the use of chemical weapons as a means to settle any domestic or international conflict.
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Prayer for Peace in Afghanistan

Gracious God,

Your way commands us to make every effort to do what leads to peace
Your way compels us to please our neighbour for their good,
Your way is the path of humility, servanthood and love.
Your way is stand up for the life of a vulnerable child

Teach us your way – to walk in your love and righteousness
Teach us your way – this world needs your life of peace
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World Vision’s Call to Prayer for Sudan Referendum: 9-12 January 2011

We are asking you to consider upholding in prayer the country of Sudan next week for one hour. We want to cover the election process with the prayers of God’s people all around the world for duration 24/7 of the voting. We know that it was the gracious act of God to respond to the prayers of God’s people for a peaceful resolution in South Africa and we ask this again for Sudan. Let’s join hearts, hands and prayers together and plead before our Lord his mercy and grace upon this land. To do this we are asking you to register your commitment to pray for one hour on this link. Please forward this to as many people and prayer networks that you know.

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