Ruth Padilla DeBorst – Living with the King; Waiting for the King

Latin American theologian Ruth Padilla DeBorst is a good friend and colleague.

Third Day of Lausanne III Congress – UPDATE

Contrary to my hopes yesterday, I was not able to go to the congress in the morning to listen to Piper. I had to stay in the hotel room and edit a text on post-communism for a World Vision publication.

I arrived at the reunion site at lunch and what I heard from various friends about Piper’s presentation conformed my suspicion. His approach was, they said, judgmental and aggressive, in clear polemic with Ruth’s presentation the day before. Although his duty was to do an exposition of Ephesians 3, Piper did not abstain from correcting Ruth on some things in Ephesians 2. He also commented ungraciously about the applause she received, in spite of the fact that she tried to dissuade people from clapping at the end. Continue reading “Third Day of Lausanne III Congress – UPDATE”


Second Day of Lausanne III Congress

Most of the music in the congress verges on the charismatic choruses for which I lost all taste lately. I long for the more reflective, creative and complex music in my church. Continue reading “Second Day of Lausanne III Congress”

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