Russell Moore: White supremacy angers Jesus, but does it anger his church? – The Washington Post

Source: Russell Moore: White supremacy angers Jesus, but does it anger his church? – The Washington Post

I would have never imagined I will one day be so enthusiastic after reading a text written by a Southern Baptist. But here it is. Yes! Well done, Russell Moore!

Is It Too Late for Russell Moore to Say Sorry? | Christianity Today

Southern Baptist leader’s critiques of Trump and his supporters are having an impact beyond the election.

Source: Is It Too Late for Russell Moore to Say Sorry? | Christianity Today

There is more trouble in the Southern Baptist empire. Russell Moore dared to challenge the shameless Trump supporters in SBC, and they are now taking revenge. No surprise there. It’s just the usual thing since the fundamentalist coup d’etat in SBC, a few decades ago.


Russell Moore, Evangelical Leader, Faces Backlash For Anti-Trump Comments : NPR

Russell Moore, who presides over the political arm of the Southern Baptist Convention, called out religious right figures who supported Trump notwithstanding his “serious moral problems.”

Source: Russell Moore, Evangelical Leader, Faces Backlash For Anti-Trump Comments : NPR

The Southern Baptist Convention is turning quickly into Trump Baptist Convention. And Moore’s days in it are numbered, it seems. A real pity!

Southern Baptists Get Into Exorcising Cultural Demons – No, Not Their Own

Russell Moore

Russell Moore, the ‘ethics’ champion of the Southern Baptists has discovered a new charismatic (!?!) dimension of his fundamentalist faith: exorcism.

In a recent presentation made at a recent national gathering of the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, Moore, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, said that gender is “an issue of spiritual warfare.” He also suggested in this peach that the non-believing world is “a patriarchy of the most pagan kind.” (!!!)

We should, I guess, feel relieved. It is not SBC that is promoting misogyny. It is pagans. And Moore is going to exorcise them. We are safe now! Bot not from SBC, and their fundamentalist ‘hawks’, unfortunately.

See HERE a commentary on Moore’s statements, from Bob Allen, from ABPNews.

Russell Moore vs Pope Francis – On Who’s A ‘Theological Wrack’

Russell Moore

According to Wikipedia, ‘Russell D. Moore is an American evangelical theologian, ethicist, preacher, and President of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (Baptist Press). He previously served at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, the flagship seminary of the Southern Baptist Convention, as Dean of the School of Theology, Senior Vice President for Academic Administration, and as Professor of Christian Theology and Ethics.’

His name appeared previously on this blog (HERE and HERE) in relation to his rigid ‘complementarian’ (or, rather, patriarchal) views on gender issues (he is also board chairman of the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood).

In a recent article on his blog he discusses the pope’s latest interview in La Repubblica, calling it nothing less than a ‘theological wreck’. One wonders what could make a pretty average, be it audacious, Southern Baptist theologian make such a bold critical statement about the head of the Catholic Church. Let us see. Continue reading “Russell Moore vs Pope Francis – On Who’s A ‘Theological Wrack’”

On Complementarianism, i.e. Patriarchalism

Rachel Held Evans

Scot McKnight introduces in the paragraph below a very good text written by Rachel Held Evans on complementarianism. I quote, approvingly (I add this in the spirit of full disclosure 🙂 ):

For a long time I have said a number of times that I don’t like either “complementarian” or “egalitarian,” since the former is not really what is meant and the latter is too tied into modernity. I only begrudgingly accept egalitarian and prefer the term “mutuality.” So, what Rachel Held Evans said recently is precisely how I see things: complementarianism, at the bottom, is patriarchy. It is hierarchicalism.

Rachel starts from her own family experience, as one who grew up in a complementarian culture. In spite of this, she and her husband ended up like this:

We make decisions together. (No one holds a trump card.) 

We share household chores. (No one gets out of doing the laundry or helping with the yard work based on gender.) Continue reading “On Complementarianism, i.e. Patriarchalism”

Egalitarians vs. Complementarians

I like reading Scot McKnight’s Weakly Meanderings (see HERE the latest one). I always find a few very interesting links.

This week’s most interesting ones for me have to do with the complementarian vs. egalitarian debate.

Rachel Stone, who writes for Her.meneutics, the Christianity Today blof on women issues, shared with us recently two interviews she took on this issue.

The first to be interviewed was egalitarian theologian William Webb, now an adjunct professor at Tyndale Seminary in Toronto, Canada’s largest evangelical seminary, after he was forced to resign from a tenure position at another evangelical school, because of his egalitarian views. Here is the first part of this interview: Continue reading “Egalitarians vs. Complementarians”

Clark Pinnock died – UPDATE

Clark Pinnock, an influential theologian whose spiritual pilgrimage led him from a fiery fundamentalism as a young professor to an openness that caused some to brand him a heretic, died Aug. 15 of a heart attack. He was 73.

Pinnock, longtime professor of systematic theology at McMaster Divinity College in Hamilton, Ontario, had withdrawn from public life since announcing in March he had Alzheimer’s disease, but his death was unexpected. Continue reading “Clark Pinnock died – UPDATE”

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