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Source: Turning the World Upside Down, Down Under | Christianity Today

Australian Biblical scholar Michael Bird writes on the defetist so-called ‘Benedict Option’ vs the (active resistance) ‘Thessalonian Strategy’, as a way of engaging the militant anti-Christian atmosphere in Australia.

If I had to chose between the two, I would certainly opt for Bird’s suggestion. Dreher’s (falsely) monastic soluton was tried by the fundamentalists in the tweentieth centurry and it utterly failed).

Yet, I would like to offer and extra suggestion, based on the same first century that gave birth to the Thessalonian approach and on my experience as a persecuted Christian for 35 years beehind the Iron Courtain.

What about a ‘Calvary Strategy’, one based on happily carrying the cross and willfully accepting persecution as a normal part of the faitful walk with Christ?


In memoriam Richard John Neuhaus


Pr. Richard John Neuhaus

La 8 ianuarie 2009 a trecut la cele veşnice, la vârsta de 72 de ani, Pr. Richard John Neuhaus, preot catolic, activist politic şi fondator al cunoscutei şi influentei reviste First Things. Funeraliile vor avea loc marţi, 13 ianuarie 2009, orele 2pm, la Church of the Immaculate Conception, 414 E, 14th Street, New York City.

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