John Schmalzbauer – An Evangelical on the Canterbury Trail

The article below discusses the spiritual pilgrimage of what the author calls ‘evangelical darling’ Rachel Held Evans from evangelicalism to Anglicanism. I have been very interested in this, as I am myself an evangelical treading on the ‘Canterbury trail. And although Rachel and myself live in very different contexts and, as a result, we struggle with different challenges, and are interested in quite different matters (the LGBT is only one of them), there is a lot of communality between our stories. That is why I have decided to share this too on my blog.

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Rev. Rachel Held Evans
Rachel Held Evans

Highlighting the protean nature of contemporary religious identity, a 2008 Pew study found that 28 percent of adults had left their childhood denominations for other groups — a “remarkable amount of movement by Americans from one religious group to another” in a lively religious marketplace. Continue reading “John Schmalzbauer – An Evangelical on the Canterbury Trail”


Uneasy Bedfellows: Finding a Home in Two Conflicting Theological Movements « Musings of a Hardlining Moderate

Uneasy Bedfellows: Finding a Home in Two Conflicting Theological Movements « Musings of a Hardlining Moderate.

This is a very important text and I submit it to my friends who have a serious interest in theology and an open mind.

Here is my short comment to Carson Clark, the author of this post:

Carson dear,
It took you two years to write this and I have to expedite my little comment in a few minutes, as I need to leave soon for the airport.
I read your text with the greatest interest, but my baby sitting responsibility this week for three very active boys (My daughter was away) did not allow me many spare moments even for my job.
Anyway, I respect and admire those I know in the two camps you have mentioned.
Personally, I feel closer to the paleo-orthodox camp, simply because of its stronger appeal to spirituality. Although I appreciate and agree with many of the insights of the postfundationalists, philosophy is not my preferred discipline. I value it as an instrument, but I am wary of its speculative bias.
That will be all for now. I will treasure this text. Thanks.

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